Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 in Review

There are a gazillion things that happened this year that deserve a blogpost of their own, but, for the sake of not getting so overwhelmed that I end up not blogging again, I'm going to jam-pack everything all into one big "Year in Review" post.  Then I can blog from where I am again.    

Hold on was a BIG year!!!    

January--Cami came home from her 18-month mission to France.

February--Cami spent February at home, moved to Utah right at the end, and got officially engaged as soon as she arrived in Utah.

March--Wedding planning and a spring break trip to Savannah, Georgia.

April--Cami and Garrett's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple on April 21.

May--Glen, Cami, Garrett, and me take a trip to France to visit Cami's mission.


June--WE plan like crazy  for the Virginia wedding reception and after that's over... YW camp.

Random trip to the Bible Museum

YW Camp--2018

July--Trip to Utah for Katy's wedding, EFY for Adam, Youth conference trip to Kirtland (Glen, Adam, and Emma), as much fishing as possible.

August--We started eating the keto diet.  Adam and Ellie performed in a local production of "Lion King, Jr".  Emma was the stage director.  We celebrated reaching our summer goals!

 I make bucketloads of sugar- and pectin-free jam...

September--Started 6-week long road trip around the country
Ugh....this could be twenty blogposts all by itself, so here are some highlights:

Carlsbad Caverns: 

Grand Canyon:

 Hoover Dam:
Las Vegas:  

Joshua Tree National Park:

Southern California (K's house):

My sister surprised us and flew Spencer and Cami into town for the weekend!

October--Spent the month on the road and got home right before Halloween/Emma's 18th birthday.

November--Came home and got back to real life, including Glen starting a job in Philadelphia

December--More real life, getting ready for Christmas, and a full house for Christmas

Ellie's first stake dance...


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