Saturday, January 26, 2019

My Burning Problem

I have a problem.  A sort of burning problem.  

In the scheme of things, it's not the worst kind of problem to have, but it does cause me stress...and extra money...and a good deal of lost sleep.   

What is my problem, you ask?    I will tell you...

Wait!   How did this picture get in here?   

I may have a problem with using goofy filters when I FaceTime my nieces and nephews, but that definitely is NOT the problem that I am blogging about tonight.  

The problem I'm blogging about is that I'm pretty sure that I have a certifiable anxiety when it comes to house decisions.  Pretty much I live with ugly, outdated things I hate until things get so desperate (usually because they're falling apart) that I either cover it up or pay someone else to fix it.  But even then, I anguish...yes, I know that's a strong word for such a first world problem, but it's apt...over the decisions for months and ofttimes years before I make up my mind about what we want to do.   

Ever since we bought this house almost 18-years-ago, I've hated this fireplace.   Hated the brick, the brass doors, and most of all hated that hideous tile hearth.   But we always had way more pressing problems (like ones that involve things that we actually use) to worry about.   So we've put it on the back burner again and again and again and again.   
Until now.   

I made up my mind....several months ago...that I was going to finally do something about this hideous eyesore that ruins what is otherwise a very fine living room area.   

It took me months of asking people, poring over options on the internet, watching youtube videos, and about 20 trips to Home Depot before I finally felt ready to conquer the beast.  

So I borrowed my sister-in-law's tile saw, held my breath, and got to work! 
I was surprised at how much I liked the sawing, but everything leading up to it stressed me out immensely.  I wasted more than a couple tiles because I didn't do my figuring correctly (especially on the corner pieces).    Luckily I have an assistant who seems to enjoy doing this stuff a wee bit more than his mom, and he saved me more than a few headaches...
He was my right-hand-man when it came to figuring out the details, and making it all come together.   

And I like to think that his future wife may appreciate the fact that he now knows about measuring, mortaring, and grouting!  

I'm super happy with how it turned out...

and frankly was surprised that it actually looks pretty good close-up as well as across the room... 

Now I just to take care of this hearth of hideousness...and buy a new cover...
How many weeks or months or years will it take until I actually decide what I want to do with it?  

Time will tell, time will tell.  

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