Monday, April 22, 2019

Long and Short!

For my whole life, I almost always have kept my hair long.   The reasons for this are simple--I'm lazy and don't like the upkeep that short hair requires.    I don't like going to the salon for frequent trims to keep a haircut looking fresh.  I don't like washing my hair every day.  I don't like spending time blowdrying and doing other such tedious tasks that short hair requires.   So I usually wear it long and straight.   I get it cut once, maybe twice a year at most.   I almost always let it air dry and I rarely do anything other than wear it straight down.  I don't even love ponytails, because they give me a headache.  

The only hiccup to this low maintenance hair plan of mine is that I've inherited the "early graying gene" from my mom's side of the family.   I've been fully white headed since I was about 40, and my hair grows super fast.   I'm not quite ready to embrace being white-haired quite yet, so I'm forced to at least try to keep up with the color.   

So I buy boxes of color from the drugstore and do my best to keep up with it.     My hair grows so fast though,  I usually end up with some pretty serious roots by the time I get around to coloring again.  This picture shows my hair with  just a 3-4 week growth since my last color. 

Every once in a while, though, I get the urge for something different.   I'm not sure what triggers it in me, but lately I've been itching for a real haircut and some depth to my color.  

So I did it....

I went to the salon and got color, highlights, and a new cut.  

Do I like it?  


Will it inspire me to keep going to the salon more regularly? 


If my history means anything, I'm sure you can come back and check out my hair in a year, and it'll almost certainly be about as long as it was before my cut! 


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Saimi said...

Oh my goodness, what a great cut on you! You look rejuvenated and young! The cut really frames your face, I love it! I don't fret too much on wearing one certain style. My MO is whatever I'm in the mood for when I go in, length wise that is. I figure it's only hair and it will grow, mine doesn't grow as fast as yours, but Im not one to worry about it.

Nice going!

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