Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 306--Uphill Battle

Today was a day off of school for the kids, but was a crazy, busy day anyway. Ellie had a birthday party, Spencer had some make-up tests at the school from the days he missed from being sick, and Adam had a going away party to attend.

The second all that was finished up, we swung around and picked up half the world to come play at our house. Emma and Elena always have a great time playing together and really are two peas in a pod with their happy, creative energy.
Here they are enjoying their own hot chocolate creation.

Then it was off to rake the leaves together (Disclaimer: this was all their idea). They had the backyard all sectioned off and were out there helping for more than an hour completely of their own free will and accord.

Of course, with the trees still looking like this we still have a LONG ways to go!

At the end of the day between Spence's tests, football practice, Ellie's party, I ended up having driven back and forth to Falls Church FIVE times (plus a few other places too). I was pushing 80 miles on the odometer for one single day.

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