Sunday, March 14, 2010

They Just Ain't What They Use to Be....

In high school I looked forward to weekends as a time to relax.

I'd sleep in.  I'd twiddle around the house.  Call my friends.  Do a little homework here and there.  Take a nap.  Maybe have to work for a few hours.  Hang out with my friends for a while.  Stay up late talking to sisters. 

In college, I still loved weekends.  I usually had homework to catch up on and I always had to work for a few hours, but I still relished the unstructured time to sleep, socialize, and work when I felt like it.

In our early married days, I still loved weekends.  It was a time to spend more time together as a couple.  We'd get things done around the house.  We'd stay up too late playing board games or watching movies together, then we'd sleep in.

Somewhere between being a young married couple to becoming the parents of five active children, weekends have taken on a whole new meaning.  Gone are the days of leisurely sleeping in.  The kids wake up at the same time no matter what day it is.  Gone are the days of twiddling around with unstructured time.  Now we have sporting events, chores to get done, school activities, church activities, Sunday lesson preparation, all the while still taking care of kids, cooking meals, and doing yardwork.

Weekends just aren't what they used to be and sometimes I miss that.

But then I remember, our weekends are the only time we get to spend with Daddy around the house all day.  The only days we have time to eat big breakfasts together.  And the only time we don't have to rush from homework, to dinner, to bed.  And since we don't do playdates on weekends, the kids play all day with each other.  They read. They play games.  They twiddle around the house (after they do their chores).  The older kids take naps.

I guess maybe our weekends aren't that different from my childhood after all.  It's just a different perspective and I can't imagine what weekends were like for my parents with EIGHT kids to tote around and rally into action.  Thanks for your patience Mom and Dad!

And just for fun,  here's a little glimpse into our weekend:

Friday was Pi Day, so I got talked into making 6 pies to donate to the school, so each class could eat a Pi(e) on Pi Day.  I made the crusts, used store bought filling, and over-cooked them (and barely cared).  Glen was quite proud of my non-perfectionism. 

Ellie perked up shortly after starting on antibiotics and spent the weekend a little on the hyper side.  Apparently she had a little pent-up energy after spending the week in bed.   We were also happy to see that she did not lose her sense of fashion during her illness.

 One thing we didn't see an ounce of this weekend was sunshine.  It's been raining now for 4 or 5 straight days.  Lucky for us, last week at the Home Depot Kid's Workshop the kids got to make these rain gauges.  They knock them over whenever they check on them, but they're still fascinated with measuring all the rain we're getting.   They estimate that we've gotten at least 91.2 inches since Thursday. 

With Spencer's new spring lacrosse schedule, we're having family home evenings on Sunday nights again.   With the advent of daylight savings time this morning a couple of the kids were a bit drowsy during our lesson on Christ's atonement tonight.

We also attended JD's baptism ( my cousin's son) on Saturday morning.  I slipped on the mud on the way out the door and had to completely change clothes and wipe mud off my hands and hair.   Thankfully, we still made it in time for the beautiful occasion.  We will be sad when the Snows' move away.

We also wrote our letters to grandparents, went grocery shopping, did chores, cursed our finicky internet that is running slower than dial-up and only works a few hours a day, prepared the Sacrament Meeting program, made copies at the church, shuttled Spencer around to church and social activities, took care of nursery business,  went on a date with Glen while AnnaLisa took care of the kids, finally finished the tax return, turned the house upside down looking for the stapler, and let Glen grill burgers for us. 

It was as busy as can be, but in a good way.  It's only Sunday night and I'm already sad the weekend is over...

What are weekends like at your house?   Do you look forward to them?  Or dread them?  



Andie said...

We have been/will be so busy with church activities over the next month or so that I am starting to feel like being a member of the church is a full time job. BUT....a job where we are payed in lots and lots of blessings. :)

I miss weekends-and life in general-when my kids were smaller too. Seemed to be a lot more down time and less running from one thing to the next.

K said...

My dream for the weekend is to sleep in and sometimes Tom lets me. Of course, sleeping in means getting up at 8 AM, not noon like it did in college. I like weekends most of the time, mainly because Tom is home.

Charlene said...

My hubby was there last Friday and was sad that it rained and he couldn't enjoy the scenery. What I don't understand is why my kids get up the same time on weekends with NO trouble getting up themselves, but during the week they fight us??

I do look forward to our weekends. My kids are young enough that we don't have things scheduled on weekends and I try (key word here) to get all my shopping and cleaning done by Friday so I can actually enjoy my weekend too.

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