Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Quandary...

Some moral dilemmas are just cut and dry, like if I find a wallet that doesn't belong to me, I track down the owner and give it back.

If a clerk gives me too much change, I immediately return the extra, then wonder whose purse I picked up by mistake that there was actually cash in it.

If a chicken shows up at my doorstep, I make chicken pot pie.

Cut and dry.  Easy peasy.

So now I wonder what do you do when a fully inflated $40 Nordic Track exercise ball shows up propped between your garbage can and the curb?  

I left the empty garbage can there all day, hoping someone would take it, but it's still there.  If I take the garbage can back up to the house and leave it on the curb the ball will undoubtedly  roll down the street.

If I bring the ball up near our front door, it will roll down the front yard, THEN roll down the street.

If I bring the ball inside, the rightful outdoor yogi owner will never know where it went.

So I feel like I have just a few workable choices:

    A)  Leave our garbage can on the curb for a couple days to see if anyone claims it.  If it's still there when the next garbage day rolls around (or when a neighbor scolds us for blighting the neighborhood)  then it's ours.

    B)  Bring it inside the house and make a FOUND poster to hang up around the neighborhood.

    C)  Bring it inside the house and let the kids and dog go crazy with it and hope that the yogi doesn't    go door-to-door in search of their wayward exercise ball.

    D)  Sell it on Craigslist, so I can say that I saw it, but have no idea where it is now, and then cry that I have to give them the only cash I've had in my wallet since 1991.

Please feel free to shower me with advice.



Tim e said...

I say option c. As mom always said, when a yoga ball shows up next to your garbage can then it's as good as yours. Finders keepers, you snooze you lose, a penny saved is a penny earned, too many cooks spoil the broth, etc.

...Though I do think printing FOUND posters for an exercise ball would be kind of amusing.

alexandra said...

Hmmm. Such a moral dilemma. I say you drive a huge stake through it (to keep it from rolling away) and leave it in your front yard.

Mirien said...

Stake it to the front yard--that's the best idea yet. Or, if you make the 'found' posters, be sure to draw a face on the ball before you take a picture.

K said...

PS I can't believe Tim left a comment. I hope he leaves on comment on my blog soon!

K said...

Honestly, if it were my ball and I knew it rolled away, I would probably come looking for it. Try to leave it outside for at least a couple days, then if no one claims it, it's yours!

melissa said...

if it was trash day maybe they left it out for the trash man?


Love your sense of humor, your writing is great!

By the way I've been sending people your way for the awesome FHE lessons you have!

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