Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

In most regards I'm somewhat of a cheapskate when it comes to shopping.  I buy whatever's on sale and don't think about it again until I start to run low.   Over the years though, I've found that there are a few items that are totally worth splurging on.   This post is dedicated to those....

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Daily Moisturizer --I've tried all the other reasonably priced moisturizers and won't use any other brand.  It has just the right balance of making my skin soft without feeling greasy.  I love the subtle smell and the fact that it has the sunscreen built in.  

Tide laundry detergent--I've tried every name and store brand there is and there just isn't anything better for consistently getting my laundry clean and fresh smelling.  I buy it by the truckload at Costco!

Bath and Body Works air fresheners--They're fresh smelling without being overpowering.  I also like that they're pretty to look at too.

Trader Joe's frozen orange chicken--it's not healthy and it's only cheap compared to fast food, but man oh man, in just 10 minutes I can whip it up with some instant rice and I know everyone will devour it!  It's my favorite crazy night dinner.

Marriott Rewards Visa-- With all of our monthly expenses going on here, the points rack up quickly.   I don't know when or where, but someday we're going to go somewhere fun and exciting and not have to pay a penny for our hotels.

Cheerios--Okay, so this one is boring, but I love Cheerios.  I eat it for breakfast, I eat it on yogurt, and before I gave up sweets I even ate it on ice cream.   Someday I'm going to eat a bowl of Cheerios on top of the Eiffel tower with a beret on my head while holding a poodle.

Goldtoe ankle socks--They're comfy cozy, don't slip off my heels, and they last forever.  The only bad thing  about these socks is that Spencer is always trying to steal them from me.

Nike Air running shoes--I've had a pair of Nike Airs (many consecutive pairs, not just one) in my wardrobe since I was 15 and I love them as much today as I did then.   They're perfect for chasing kids, traversing mud puddles, and cooking dinner.  I wear mine every day.

Oral-B Satin floss --One day I was feeling cheap and bought another brand of  floss and within a week after having to tug between each and every tooth I actually pulled a cap off one of my teeth.  After the humiliation of traipsing into the dentist with my "tooth" in an envelope for him to cement back on, I decided that this luxury was well worth it!

Crayola crayons and markers--After five kids and eleven years of home co-op preschool---I've learned the hard way that I'll never buy another brand.

Toyota--Acceleration problems or not, we LOVE our two old Toyotas.  They're by far the most reliable cars we've ever owned and we intend to run them both into the ground!

5 gum-- I chew it when I'm  craving sweets, I chew it when I can't get to a toothbrush, and I chew it when I'm feeling rebellious towards my mother who hates gum almost as much as she hates communist socialists.   I'll send you a pack of 5 gum if you do your own post on your favorite things....


What are some of the things you won't skimp on?  Do you love (or hate) any of my favorites?    Do you have any good stories about discovering a favorite brand?   Does your husband agree with and support  your brand loyalty?



K said...

I've also recently decided that Tide is the only way to go. I used Kirkland brand for a long time and it just wasn't cutting it.

K said...

I may like all things Crayola, but Tom doesn't. He pretty much hates anything that can be used to write since our kids inevitably write in places they shouldn't (e.g. couch, chairs, walls, cabinets, beds, books, and etc...).

Andie said...

Tide! Oh how I love you, Tide! Any extra money you cost is made up in savings from not having to throw away clothes that my kids trash.

Nolan just introduced me to 5 gum this weekend and I'm never going back. He had some tropical fruity thing that was awesome.

Probably switching to Toyota next time after last week's $3200 car repair on our HONDA with only 91K on it. Grrrr.

Air fresheners are on my Target list this week, but I think now I will stop at the Bath and Body outlet here on your recommendation. Because you are awesome, and those are so pretty.

The only place I have to disagree here is with the Nikes. They never seemed to fit right for me, even though I wore them all through high school because I was a slave to fashion-and back in the 90's, there was no other shoe to wear if you even had a hope of becoming cool. (Still didn't work for me, but you can't fault a girl for trying ;-))

I'm an Asics girl. Probably because of my giant Man-Feet.

I'm gonna have to check out that Visa too. Right now we have a Cabela's card--fun for everyone but me!

Fun post!

Deanne said...

I enjoyed reading about all your favorites! Many are things I don't use myself, so I'll have to try them out. Thanks for the tips!

Charlene said...

We just bought a Toyota Minivan after our Honda quit on us. I hope we are lucky to keep ours as long as yours!! I do love the air freshners you have and I've never tried 5 gum!!!
But, sorry to say, I'm a Saucony fan!!!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Mom and I loved your list of favorites, although I noticed she was gritting her teeth towards the end. I was a couple of paragraphs behind her so did not catch the source of her aggravation until I caught up with her. Oh yes, how she hates gum of any sort.

Remember the old sign she posted on our fridge in Minnesota: "The only difference between a cow chewing his cud and a person chewing his gum is the intelligent look on the face of the cow!"

Still smiling over your post-thanks for sharing!

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