Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Day She's Been Waiting For...

My dad had a mobile phone back in the 80's, when they were the size of a phone book and had to be plugged into the car in order to work. Glen and I, on the other hand, got our first cell phones only about 5 years ago and still are avoiding the whole "smart phone" scene like the plague. I take great pride in the fact that Glen and I  prefer to keep ourselves fashionably behind the times just a tad.   

So when Spencer went off to high school, we decided that with his crazy new sports schedule, that it was finally time to get him his own phone (a good two years later than most of his friends), so that he had a way to communicate with us.  We disabled the picture mailing capabilities and data usage, but that didn't stop him from sending thousands of texts per month in addition to the occasional phone call home.  He was a happy teenage texter until one day he was careless and got his phone wet to the point that it was ruined.  He thought that we'd just buy him a new one, but after we informed him that he'd have to purchase his own replacement phone, he entered a year of being phone-free.  He'd often use my phones in the evenings, but it definitely was not as cool having to risk friends calling or texting and reaching YOUR MOTHER. 

Then a few months ago, Glen and I started having phone issues as well and most definitely was time to get new phones.  We held out for a few weeks until our plan was ready to be renewed, but just before leaving on vacation the happy day arrived.....

There was much excitement and anticipation in our house leading up to this day, for both Spence and  Cam. Cami, in particular, was thrilled to be  included  in the excursion , since she starts high school in just a few short weeks.  

After expertly testing out a few phones, she finally decided on this cute purple phone. 

And now, I've got two kids who look like this a lot of the day...
I have to admit, that despite my reservations, it's actually kind of fun having two kids with phones....especially since it's meant that I now have a way to communicate with them in a way that they can't deny that they've heard me. 

Texts like this have been common on our trip: 

Could you please pass me the trail mix? 

Stop teasing your sister! 

What is taking you so long?

Knock it off right now! 

All without raising my voice.

Heck, maybe it's time to get phones for the rest of the kids (and the dog) too.




Charlene said...

I heard that you finally saw my mom all the way in MN!! Have fun on your trip!! By the way, what does it make Roger and I since we don't have satellite tv or a blue ray player? vintage with style? :)

Deanne said...

I happened to be checking your blog when Sophie walked by. She said, "Cool, that's Cami's phone. I want a phone like that." You can tell Cami she has Sophie's approval! =)

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