Tuesday, August 9, 2011

EFY: Then and Now

Big hair, frosted jeans, oversized glasses....

The kids at EFY may look a little different now, 

but the experiences they have are still powerful and unforgettable. 

New friendships, memorable testimony building experiences, a new-found appreciation for mom's cooking, and a somewhat diminished aversion to the camera...

It was definitely worth every penny! 


Aitch said...

It's nice to see Spence's smile in a picture now and again! Looks like they had a great time at EFY.

Andie said...

Oh my gosh, that picture is FUNNY! Who is the girl in the stripes in the middle?

And WHERE did you get Cami's dress? It's soooo cute!

So glad your kids had a great time at EFY. I was going to make a similar comment as your sister about Spencer's smile-he looks so, so happy in that picture. :)

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