Wednesday, August 17, 2011

World Record Receipt

I bet you had no idea that you could max out on numbers of items purchased in an order at Walmart, but I am living proof that it is true. 

After hitting 481 items, the cash register just froze and said,

"Max number of items exceeded" 

and we had ring up the rest of the items on another order. 

  On the bright side, that record breaking trip to Walmart marked the end of my school supply shopping for 170 !!!!

 Now everything is stashed away in a classroom at school and I am completely thrilled not to have any shopping hanging over my head while we are on vacation.  Now I just need to relax, read, play games every night, go on lots of hikes, laugh with family, and not think about the fact that I still need to compile them all into kits when I get back. 


Dad-Mom said...

The appearance of a new blog kind of surprised us given the situation. We have watched episodes of Extreme Couponing where cash registers often freeze up after several hundred transactions.

Hope you are having fun!

K said...

I do declare that is the longest receipt I have ever seen. I'm glad you are not going to volunteer to get school supplies again!

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