Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot New Shoes on an Old Fuddy Duddy

Once there was a lady who decided to attend her 20-year high school reunion.  Why she decided to travel 1000+ miles to go renew acquaintances with people she couldn't wait to get away from 20-years ago, no one can really tell, but she did.  She's always been a bit ironic like that. 

So there she was in the land of her childhood, waiting to see people with whom she's had no contact with for two decades, and she realizes that she has nary a thing to wear other than her too-busy-to-shop-mom-of-five-kids clothing.  What was the girl to do? 

What any other sleep-deprived mom on vacation would do---take the entire family to the Mall of America--so they can sight-see (and ride roller coasters) while she drags her sister with her into store after store while she deliberates the pants vs. skirt question. 

Did I mention that the girl really doesn't like shopping? 

Her husband hoped that that fact would have kept the receipt total down, but alas it worked to the opposite effect, as shown in her in the purchase of these highly impractical (but completely adorable) shiny red shoes.

So after revamping her wardrobe for the next few seasons (Glen hopes), it was time to come home and enjoy a while in the attorney hair salon.  They've always told her sister, Heather, that if she decides to get out of the busy tax attorney life, that she definitely has a future in hair styling. 

After a little while in the ginormous hair rollers and a few unnamed hair products, the girl was ready for a night on the town. 

So off, she and her hunky husband went, past the beautimous city and into the land of memories. 
And it didn't take the lady in the cute shoes very long  to realize that she's just as much of a fuddy duddy now as she was back then.  Somehow the too-loud of music, plentiful alcohol, and a bunch of almost 40-year-olds trying to act cool, was even less appealing as an adult as it was way-back-when. 

Don't be sad for her though.  Besides the hot new shoes and a visit with her sister that she got out of the deal, the rest of the reunion story is MUCH better (and may or may not  involve some anecdotal swearing.)  

To be continued....


Steve-Rosanna said...

What an interesting account of a dreaded rite of passage that very few really enjoy. The most exciting part to us is the fact that our baby girl is pushing forty.... That little factoid is amazing to mom and I.

By the way, you looked absolutely "mahvelous" dahling. Both you and your hunky husband.

K said...

LOVE the new red shoes. Where'd you get them, because I may need a pair just like them? I have to say I have ZERO desire to go to my HS reunion, but you were always far more popular than me!

Aitch said...

Glad I was able to talk you into the completely impractical, but totally adorable red shoes!

How come I haven't heard the story involving anecdotal swearing?!

P.S. Did you see the Minneapolis skyline shots I posted on my blog last week?

Andie said...

LOOOOVVVE your shoes! Did you get them at DSW?

I'm totally with you on the uglies of high school reunions. Why they can't just consist of a family picnic in a nice park has always bugged me. Why do they always have to involve so much booze? You're braver than me, though, I've yet to attend one of mine.

Deanne said...

I have to agree that shoes are marvelous! Love them. And your whole ensemble looks great - very stylish. Can't wait to hear more of the story!

Mika said...

The shoes were great, and I'm so glad you got out and got some retail therapy.

It is funny how you can get so disconnected from fashion and buying clothes. To be honest, I probably go shopping once a year now, and buy up, until the next year.

I must say, your blog post was a fun read, and made me wanting to know more ;)!

Lara said...

Andie and K, the shoes came from the sale rack at Macey's.

Andie, I laughed at how you read my mind about the family picnic. :)

K, I laugh at your popularity comment. I definitely fell into the quiet/slightly nerdy crowd in high school! :)

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