Monday, November 7, 2011

Less Miserable than Yesterday and Les Miserables

Apparently I confused people, even in my own family, with yesterday's post.  Yes indeed, we are in NY for a four-day weekend off of school.  Yes indeed,  my kids were complete and total stinkers yesterday.  Yes indeed,  I enjoy saying indeed today. 

I would love to post about how the kids were sooooooo much better today than yesterday, but since I left my camera cord at home (yesterday's picture was a cell phone picture taken of my camera's display screen),  you'll have to wait for those more cheerful posts. 

Instead we'll go back a week and a half or so to October 29 (with a little background story first).... 

When Glen was serving in the England London South Mission a few eons ago, it was a mission tradition that every Christmastime all of the missionaries would come into the West End and watch a performance of Les Mis together.  They would come decked out in their missionary finest and fill up the entire balcony with a sea of black and white name tagged missionaries.    It was a memorable experience for him which made him a life-time fan of the theater and Les Mis in particular. 

So when the Kennedy Center announced that Les Miserables was coming to DC for about a month or so, Glen excitedly bought tickets for the entire family.   We wanted the kids to be able to appreciate the experience, so in preparation for the performance we listened to the soundtrack repeatedly for months on end.  We knew we had finally succeeded in preparing them when  Ellie could sing every single word to "Castle on a Cloud" complete with the British accent. 

When the big day finally arrived, everyone was giddy with excitement (except for Spencer, who wants it to be known that he doesn't do giddy). 
Other than having them close their eyes for "Lovely Ladies," and "Master of the House," the performance was fabulous-o!  The actor playing Jean Val Jean was amazing and I could have listened to the Eponine actress sing all day.   It truly was an amazingly unforgettable performance!

Then, when the show was over, we walked outside and were greeted by this sight.... October!!!!  
Much to the chagrin of the kiddos, the snow did not last very long, nor did it stick on the ground enough for them to enjoy it....but it did make for some pretty pictures.   And for some grandiose plans about some future snowstorms that will hopefully prove to be a bit more fruitful than this one.



Steve-Rosanna said...

Since Les Miz (along with Joseph and Phantom, et al) were staples in our home as you grew up, it is wonderful that you met a like-minded man in Glen and that you are raising your own wonderful children in the same tradition.

Thank you for this more cheerful post. Glad that you are having wonderful weather there in upstate. Hope that you made it safely to Niagara yesterday. Have a safe trip home today.

P.S. Interestingly enough my verification word today is "valazedn" not quite Valjean, but a worthy variant. ;o)

annalisa said...

I loved Les Miserables when I went to see it! I agree Jean Valjean was amazing!

Emma said...

It was amazing and two days before my birthday!

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