Thursday, November 17, 2011

Playing Games...

Over the years, each of these games has provided hours of fun and entertainment for our family  (click on the pictures to see them on Amazon): 

We've enjoyed many other games as well, but these are the ones that have been the most inclusive of the whole family. 

So when Glen bought this game for Emma's recent birthday, I wasn't so sure she would like it very much.  I remembered playing as a kid, but didn't really recall enjoying it all that much. 

The day we pulled it out to play it for the first time, had been a very grumpy day and I'm not sure anyone harbored high hopes for it....

but it didn't take too long of playing...

before everyone was giggling, joking, and in general enjoying themselves immensely....

It was a hit all the way around....Mom, Dad, Spencer, Cami (who set a new world record for negative points), Emma, Adam, and even Ellie thoroughly enjoyed it! 

My pictures don't really capture the fun and joy we felt while we played, which feelings were amplified and appreciated all the more after the negativity of earlier in the day, but Pit will forevermore have a place in my heart as a fun smile-maker for the whole family! 
Pit rocks! 



Grandpa-Grandma said...

Nothing better than a fun game night with everyone involved!

Pit looks like fun.

annalisa said...

Pit is fun!

I remember playing Rummikub and Uno and Trivial Pursuit and Life growing up. Games are awesome!

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