Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cookies and Milk

My kids have me all figured out.
When they're feeling like they could use a little more mommy time
they know that there's one sure-fire method to get mommy all to themselves for a while. 

They ask to bake a treat. 

Not only do they know that mommy has a soft spot for fun kitchen projects
(especially new recipes that she can potentially post on the recipe blog someday), 
but they also know that mommy's sweet tooth is always looking for an
altruistic reason to indulge in some delicious treat!
 Nutritional content and calories aside, I'm of the belief that some
freshly baked cookies
along with a glass of (lactose free) milk
is the panacea for many of life's woes--
especially the woes of a seven-year-old cutie missing her daily mom time. 
And the woes of a mom who is literally and figuratively trying to find ways to eat up
this precious 11-day gift
of being together as a family again.  


"Babies and young children have a natural gift of living life in the present, without guilt from the past or worry of the future. They embrace life with all of their senses and lose themselves in the moment. Each moment I have with my children is a gift they give to me. Being present in their presence is a gift I give to them."                                                                                          ~Ronnie Vehemente


Steve-Rosanna said...

Ellie looks like one happy little seven-year old cutie! Thanks for sharing this "sweet" post. Cookies and milk (lactose-free)are truly one of the great comfort foods of the known universe.

Charlene said...

You can never go wrong with milk and cookies!!

April said...


Kristin said...

I can't resist baking treats for my kids when they ask either! It was great to see your family all together today, and Spencer sitting up on the stand. We feel lucky when we get the seat in front of the Goolds on Sundays, although you guys may not feel quite as lucky :) We think about you and your family often! Wishing you a long stretched out peaceful week and half together at home!

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