Monday, April 23, 2012

Quiz Answers and Update

Thank you to all who participated in yesterday's super hard quiz!  It was fun to do a little old-fashioned blogging again, especially when that meant hearing from a few more of you readers than usual.  I was impressed with all of your good guesses and I felt so cool when I saw the number of comments it got!  Never mind that a third of them were from the same person...I'm just going with the cool feeling. 


1.  Cami was nominated as lacrosse Athlete of the Week last week. True story.  She is following in her older brother's footsteps and playing JV lacrosse for her high school.  Although she's never played before this year, she is proving to be pretty adept at it, usually scoring a goal or two or three each game. 

2.  Spencer was caught in the middle of an almost-melee when he was sitting between two people who started screaming and cursing at each other in the middle of  watching "The Lucky One" at the movie theater.   I know it sounds far-fetched, but this one is 100% true.  Spencer went to "The Lucky One" with a friend of the feminine persuasion, but since neither one of them drive yet, Glen and I decided to go along with them.  We sat on the other end of the theater giving them their space and witnessed as a very large man seated next to Spencer started loudly arguing with a sketchy looking guy sitting behind them.  It was a loud, tense, profanity-laced argument that seemed heading towards physicality, but thankfully the very-loud-arguers backed off before any fists were thrown.  I should note that Glen was poised and ready to make a mad-dash to rescue Spence and his friend should a fight have ensued. 

3.  Grandma Sandy is in process of teaching Emma how to knit.   YES!  Although technically I can crochet, sew, and cross-stitch, I can not knit, nor am I very good at crocheting, sewing, or cross-stitching.  Thank goodness for Grandma Sandy (Glen's mom)  to come help bestow some domestic skills on my girls! 

4.  Glen and I went for a much needed six-mile run.  It felt awesome.    FALSE!  Although we did go out for a six-mile-run (something that would have been a piece of cake a few months ago)....this time it did NOT feel great.  I was slow.  I had to walk a lot.   And I was still sore afterward.  Good job to ALEX and KRISTINA who guessed correctly!  ALEX is a fellow runner and a great friend who correctly suspected that I haven't been running very much lately.   When she's not acing my quizzes, I feel it's also worth mentioning that ALEX is also a superb cook and a super-organized mom that inspires me to be a better mom in many ways.  KRISTINA is my sister, who although she lives on the opposite end of the country, still keeps in nearly daily contact.   Just so you know, in addition to being a good super hard quiz guesser,  KRISTINA  is also the absolute queen of birthday cards.  She's single-handedly arranged for nearly half of the 100+ birthday cards Spencer has received thus far.  My brother MATT probably thinks I should mention him as well, but since he cheated by guessing multiple times under different aliases, I'm only mentioning him as a super hard quiz cheater who made my day by jacking up the numbers of  comments on that post! 

5.  I actually beat Glen and his mom in an uber-competitive game of Scrabble.   TRUE, TRUE, TRUE and it's definitely not because I got lucky, it's because I rock at playing Scrabble (and maybe got a little lucky)! 

6.  Ellie randomly decided to make a ginormous "I Love You" banner for her 1st grade teacher.  True and I can only imagine that it made her teacher's day. 

7.  Emma and Cami were on a 9-mile hike with the young women from church when a storm blew in, so they spent the last 3 miles running through the pouring, blustery rain.    This one was also a little hard to believe, but 100% true.  The young women are training for a 22-mile walk to the temple in June, so they go on weekly group training walks.  This week's walk was twice around a lake, which meant that there were no shortcuts to get back to the cars when the storm blew in quickly.  Although some of the girls were a little freaked out, thankfully other than getting soaked everyone got back home safe and sound.  A few of you noted that Emma is only 11 and not officially a YW yet, but because  their young women leaders decided to include any girls who would be 12 this year, she is also able to participate.    Emma is thrilled  with the opportunity to hang out with the older girls on such a challenging adventure! 


  • Spencer went to the clinic this morning.  All his counts were low, but recovering nicely ( ANC was 580, platelets 115, and hemoglobin 10.5).   This means his immune system is still suppressed and  needs to stay away from sick people, but that he's high enough to eat fast food again.  :)
  • Everything is on target for him to be readmitted for his bone marrow biopsy, spinal tap, and 4th (and last) round of chemo on May 1st. 
  • We're getting in a good system with administering all of his medications, but man oh man am I tired!!!! 
  • Watch tomorrow for an update on Spencer's birthday cards, including the coolest card ever and a breakdown of which states have sent the most cards. 
  • The picture in today's post has nothing whatsoever to do with the written content.  It is included merely  because I am a visual person and I don't want perfectly good pictures to go to waste.  :)  
"Sadness, disappointment, and severe challenge are events in life, not life itself. . . . Be a cork. When submerged in a problem, fight to be free to bob up to serve again with happiness."    Richard G. Scott
(I can't remember who sent me this quote, but thank you to whomever it was.)


K said...

I'm a winner. Woo-hoo! My daily conversations with you definitely helped my plight! HA! (o:

alexandra said...

Wow! I'm a winner too! Of course, you might have just made #4 correct so I'd leave another awesome comment on your blog!

To the "superb cook and . . . super-organized mom that inspires me to be a better mom in many ways," thanks for the compliment (and right back at ya!).

Matt K said...

I do believe that Matt K also guessed the correct answer. Just sayin'.

Matthew K said...

I will take credit for jacking up the number of comments. Anytime you need random comments, let me know.

Matthew K said...

By the way, I am proud of Cami. She's awesome. Seriously. And I am glad that Spencer can eat fast food again. That is an important moment after each round of chemo, it seems.

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