Friday, April 20, 2012

Thank goodness...

for modern medicine...

even if it does take up an entire shelf in our fridge...

and make me drop my mouth in horror at the "cash price" we could be paying if we didn't have good insurance....

and max out the number of alarms I can set on my cell phone, including a 1:30am alarm (to administer a medicine) and a 5:09am alarm (to help get Cami out the door for seminary)...
Although I'm thinking that being at home this round won't be quite as restful as it's been in past times, we're still comforted by the knowledge that our entire family is under the same roof again!   



  • We are home and it seems like we have an entire pharmacy full of drugs at our house!  Previous visits home have only involved a fraction of the medications we're administering this time, but because of the infection he is recovering from, they just want to make sure their bases are covered!  
  • Here's a glimpse of his antibiotic vancomycin which he needs to be administered three times a day (this the antibiotic that causes his Red Man Syndrome if he doesn't take Benadryl beforehand)....
  • Because he still needs the antibiotic administered intravenously and we randomly don't happen to have a hospital IV pump at home, they prescribed these cool little contraptions that basically have the antibiotic inside of a balloon-like device inside this pressurized container.  When he the device is hooked up to his central line, the balloon starts depressurizing and the medicine is delivered at just the right speed.  Weird, but cool! 
  • Birthday greetings for Spencer are starting to pour in!  Thank you for taking the time to shower him with love and words of faith and encouragement.  Spencer insisted that he not open any of the letters until it's actually his birthday, but his (and our) excitement level is increasing by the day! 

" There are many kinds of challenges. Some give us 
necessary experiences.  Adverse results in this mortal 
life are not evidence of lack of faith or  of an 
imperfection in our Father in Heaven’s overall plan. 
The  refiner’s fire is real, and qualities of 
character and righteousness  that are forged in the 
furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and  
prepare us to meet God."  Quentin L.  Cook


Steve-Rosanna said...

We are so delighted that Spence is home again. Like you we long for the day when his days at Inova-Fairfax are only a distant memory!

Mika said...

wow my mouth dropped at that cash price!!

nice that your big boy is home again xo

kelly said...

So happy you are all together again! WoW! That is expensive medicine, thank goodness for insurance!

K said...

I am so happy Spencer is home even if he has take a bajillion medicines!

Catherine said...

OH man, those timers KILL me!!! Basically, what you're telling me is even after new born stage, parents still never get any sleep???????

Hope you're hanging in there ok. We still think of you all the time and keep the prayers coming your way.

annalisa said...

I hope you enjoy the time home all together!

That is a lot of medicine. That is all.

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