Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6 Month Check-Up

Nearly six months ago to the day, Spencer walked out the door of the hospital jubilant that his days as a cancer patient were finally finished.  Since then he has gone on a boy scout high adventure to Florida, annoyed his siblings a gazillion times, hiked a mountain (Old Rag), started his senior year of high school, and joined the winter track team.   Slowly, slowly  life is feeling almost normal again. 

Right now I am sitting here at his six month check up.  Spencer is sacked out next to me in a deep Benadryl/early morning seminary induced sleep and I am enjoying the guilt-free time for me  to sit down and tell the world how thrilled we are that his counts look good and he is still healthy! 

Today's check-up was no different than his others.  There was some minor IV trauma (blood dripping all over the floor), but eventually they got his blood sample, then the doctor came in, examined him, and told us that everything looks good.  We are now sitting in the back of the clinic while Spencer is getting his very last Pentamidine infusion ever.  No more infusions means no more IVs, a fact which makes Spencer very happy! 


Clinic Stats:  Weight:  72.5 kg, WBC: 3.49, ANC:  1740, Hgb:  15.2, Platelets: 156


Steve-Rosanna said...

There could be no sweeter news at this Thanksgiving season! We collectively have so much to give thanks for, but this goes right up there at the very pinnacle of the list!

Recently saw a picture of Spence with a full head of dark luxurious hair which provides quite a contrast to the bald view of half a year ago. Looking amazing Spence-downright amazing!

Thank you for this blessed update Lara.

K said...

Hooray for another clean check up! That's cause for a celebration!!

annalisa said...

Yaaaaay! Very happy news!

Katie said...

I'm so glad to hear it! We continue to pray for him!

Shug said...

I ran across your blog and the word leukemia instantly caught my eye. Our grandson is now six years out from his diagnosis of leukemia. Tucker was diagnosed at the age of 8 and he is now 14. This was the most difficult thing that our family has ever gone through, but because of God's healing power, Tucker is now doing well. I say this to bring encouragement to your family. I also say this to let you know that there is power in prayer and we will be standing with your family in prayer for Spencer.
May God's richest blessings be with you all...

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