Friday, November 9, 2012

Top Ten of this Week

Truth be told, it's been a rather long, tiring week. 
It's not that anything bad has happened...
it's more that I'm just sleep deprived and have a lot on my brain.  
My brain likes to vent in writing, so I just wrote a rambling post complaining about some of the annoying happenings of our week.  It was all ready to publish.
Then I decided that I didn't really want to depress anyone else anymore than I wanted to remind my future self how petty and grumpy I get when I don't sleep enough. 
So tonight, instead of complaining, I'm going all Pollyanna on you and playing the "Glad Game" instead.
I present to you the top ten glad happenings from this week!

10--Going to parent-teacher conferences for the younger kids and hearing about how not only are they doing well in school, but that they're also hard-working, respectful, and get along well with others.  Seriously, nothing makes me prouder! 

9--Made two awesome new recipes in a row (Creamy Mexican Chowder and BBQ Chicken and Potato Casserole)  Both will be appearing on Recipe Shoebox sometime in the next few weeks! 

8-- Got out of Costco with five happy kids (two of which were not my own) and a total of less than $200.   (see picture below)

7--My friend, Jenny, agreed to come to YW and teach us all how to make her delicious homemade caramel apples.  It was a fun night spent with the young women and I am happy to be bulking up on  chocolate/caramel before our family's upcoming fitness challenge.  (see item #1)

6--I took the kids on a trip to the zoo on one of the days off.  It was a bit chilly that day, but I loved having all the kids together for an outing as it rarely happens anymore.  (see picture)

5--A seven-year-old who still says cute things on an almost daily basis, especially since the rest of the kids seem to have outgrown that stage.   This week I loved hearing her pray for the people in "Yew Nork" and watching her bubble with excitement when I finally found a playdate for her.    She's had two of her best friends move away in the last few months and we've really struggled to help her find new playmates.   

4--realizing that I've got my sister, K, totally hooked on the Iphone/Ipad game, Scramble.  A take-off of Boggle, my family loves this game and is quite good at it (if I do say so myself).  It has been fun to see their family learn to enjoy it too.    (In case you're looking for a new challenger, our user name is:  wawadehut25) 

3--Spencer signed up to participate in winter track.  He mostly means his participation to be a means to get in shape for lacrosse, but it's his first foray back into sports since being sick and we're thrilled that he's healthy enough to participate! 

2--being a part of the amazing winter clothing drive for the people in New York and New Jersey.  Glen drove one of five trucks up there on Tuesday (they added one more truck at the last minute) and the people on the receiving end were so appreciative.   The coats and other outdoor winter clothing were already given to the Red Cross to distribute quickly before the winter storm hit. 

1--Learning that my sister is hosting a family fitness challenge starting next week.  Those months in the hospital, followed by the success of Cami's cupcake business this summer has not done kind things to my waistline.  We did a similar challenge a few years ago  (click on the link to see what it was all about) and loved how it focused not only on eating better and exercising more, but also includes spiritual fitness (like reading the scriptures and having FHE ).   I am very much looking forward to a little positive peer pressure to help whip me back into shape! 

at the zoo

Ellie can still get me to smile on even the grumpiest day

A couple of the  beautiful YW and their lovely caramel apple creations!
BBQ chicken potato casserole....delish!

Creamy Mexican Chowder...a new family favorite!

ONLY $179 at Costco?!  Hallelujah!


K said...

Less than $200 at Costco is miraculous!

Oh and I believe you got Mom and Aitch hooked too!

Dad said...

Trust me, you absolutely got Aitch and Mom hooked. Invariablely, I will walk into the family room and find them huddled in front of Moms little Kindle screen shouting out words to try. And at the end one of them will always say: ahhh, we almost beat Lara and then moaning over the less obvious words that they had missed. Addictive? Haven't had dinner in the two days they've been home. ;o)

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