Monday, November 19, 2012

Rebel with Nothing to Write About...

There once was this lady who loved to blog. 

She blogged in any season
for no special reason. 

She loved capturing moments
and making people smile
and bragging when she runs more than a mile

Some days she blogs about things that start off  concerning, but end up funny
and some things that are exciting the whole way through
and occasionally some things that make people say boo hoo.
Of course her favorite kind are the kind that make people say tee hee hee! 
and make people think she is witty!

But lately she's been in a writing funk,
being tired, distracted, and taking care of a kid with a feverish junk.

So what's a girl to do,
who is getting tired of waiting for her writer's block to be through?


How about blogging about nothing at all?
And with the nothingness hoping that if she throws in a few links to favorite posts of the past,
it will remind her of days when she used to be on the ball
and with brainpower that was occasionally semi-fast.

Then she'll throw in a picture that has nothing to do with anything...

other than showing the world that the lady's favorite Sunday of the year was last week.

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