Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Snowquester of Randomness

School is cancelled and I've got three pajama-clad kids all in bed with me.  They've got a rousing game of Wheel of Fortune going on the iPad and I am capitalizing on the unrushed morning to write a blogpost.  Glen had some important meetings to attend at work, so he braved the elements and headed into work.  Being the worrier that I am, I sent him with food, water, and a sleeping bag just in case.   I don't expect to see Spence and Cami out of bed until closer to lunchtime. 
We haven't had much snow to speak of the last couple of years, so the kids are quite excited by the expected 8-10 inches that are supposed to fall today.   They have grand visions of building giant snowmen,  exciting sledding escapades, and some catching up on their movie watching.  Mostly I was just excited to sleep in past 5:00am and have a good excuse to not get in the car today!  

I also hope to make some yummy treats with the kids.  After not eating refined sugar for an entire month, I am taking a short break before starting it back up again.  I am happy to say that my body is much more sensitive to sugar now and I cannot eat much before getting sick to my stomach.   Now I just need to get off my lazy behind and get back to exercising too!

On a totally different topic, yesterday I got this photo emailed to me from one of the office workers at the kids' elementary school.  It was taken last week on Dr. Seuss twin day.  Ellie had called her friend that morning to coordinate what to wear, but I never saw them together.  She had come home from school that day very tired and grumpy, so seeing this picture of her smiling and happy with her friend, just made my day.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love their elementary school?   We've had kids there for 12 years and I couldn't be happier with the teachers and the overall environment there.  It's a community that we feel blessed to be a part of! 

One more random thought.... I think it's hilarious that snowstorms are such a big deal around here that they've taken to naming them like they're hurricanes or something.  This one has been coined, "Snowquester," a name which cracks me up and makes me annoyed at the same time.  Much as I wonder what is wrong with politics these days that both sides just can't compromise a little and start making a real difference, I wonder why it is that we finally get our first real taste of winter right when I'm good and ready for spring to start?  And now it's raining and I'm annoyed that just like our broken political system, even our "Snowquester" is fizzling out without delivering the promised goods. 


annalisa said...

I made the pink lemonade cookies today. I will have to bring some over tomorrow.

I might need to get my rear out the door and play in the snow. That actually sounds kind of fun :)

That picture of Ellie and her friend is adorable!

Hope you all enjoy your day off!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Tend to agree with you as the media tends to hype everything now days and it almost always disappoints. Almost every storm is the "storm of the decade" or "century" and is hyped to catch our attention.

One of the most amazing stories of the week comes out of our old stomping grounds in Minnesota where we heard that the Anoka-Hennepin School District had cancelled school yesterday (or was it Monday?) after a measly 7.5" of snow! Or a skiff as we used to call it ;o) It is obvious that the old superintendent must have retired or died and someone new is in charge as A-H used to cancel approximately one day of school every decade.

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures of you snow day. Especially love the pix of Ellie and "Thing 2".

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