Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet the Author

Every now and then you read a book that is so well-written and wonderful, that you just can't help but share the recommendation with everyone you know.   "The Count of Monte Cristo," was one of those books for me.  I read an abridged version in high school and adored it.  Then I read the unabridged version as an adult and loved it even more (except for the ending, which was much better in the movie version).   "Atlas Shrugged," was the same.  It was long-winded and painful at times, but so thought provoking that I literally discussed it with anyone who would listen for months afterward. 

This past week I found a book that's even better than those two.  And lucky for me, it wasn't long-winded or painful in the slightest.   It's called, "The Day I Met My Friend." 

Let me introduce you to one of the authors: 
Her name is Ellie and although not even quite 8-years of age, she has outshone the more experienced authors, Rand and Dumas,   and teamed up with her friend Andie (seen below with Ellie) to create a literature masterpiece all about friendship, collaboration, and perseverance. 

Their collaborative writing and artwork proved too tempting for local book publisher, Mommy Inc., and they were immediately commissioned for a first run publishing of four books--one for Ellie's family, one for Andie's, one for the school library, and one for their teacher.  The book is bound using durable  metal staples. 

Let's take a peek inside, taking note of full color artwork which was done in Crayola markers, crayons, and #2 pencils.  You will find both authors' artwork  and writing on every single page layout as they painstakingly created their book one page at a time, taking turns with the writing and illustrating. 

About the Authors: 

Ellie:  "I love books and the beautiful paintings.  I just love all of it.  I met my friend in first grade." 
Andie:  "I love books.  I like to draw pictures.  I like to play with my BEST friend Ellie!" 
Publishers interested in commissioning their own full-color copies of, "How I Met My Friend" are welcome to negotiate with Ellie about renting her copy of the book (for just 10 cents a day) and taking it themselves to the  illustrious local publishing company (aka Staples).   I hear that they are very kind to new authors and will publish  books at the very low rate of 49 cents per page, staples not included.   


K said...

I want a copy! It may be a little expensive borrowing it for 10 cents a day by the time you mail it to me, I copy it and send it back though. (o; But I think it's worth it for how amazing it looks! Tell Ellie and Andie they did a great job!!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Wow! First published at 7 (almost 8) years old. Great job Ellie and Andie. You even beat your uncle TIM who was first published at age 8 in a national anthology of poems.

We are proud of you both. Keep up the good work and publish many more.

By the way, we would like to order five copies, but they must be signed by both the authors since they are worth more that way.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Mika said...

Awesome stuff! I actually blogged about something similar may want to show the video to Ellie ;)

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