Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eleven Months!

While our dog's obnoxious urge to roll in a pile of poo this morning did not get this day off to a very good start for me, thankfully the stench of aggravation melted away quickly a couple of hours later at Spence's  clinic appointment!  Today we celebrate Spencer's eleventh month in remission and we are eagerly looking forward to his year anniversary next month!

This time last year, birthday cards were starting to pour in from all over the world for Spencer.   We are all thrilled that his upcoming 18th birthday will be celebrated with much less heartache and worry than  his 17th.

  In amidst our joy for Spencer's continued health, our hearts and prayers are with those in Boston who were affected by that horrible tragedy there.

Clinic Stats:  Weight=72.4kg,  WBC=4.03, RBC=4.73, Hgb= 15.6, Platelets=140, ANC=2120



Steve-Rosanna said...

What a wonderful report! Thanks for sharing the good news.

annalisa said...

YAAAAAAY for another clean check-up!

shannon said...


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