Monday, April 15, 2013

Top 5 Perks of Being Married to An Accountant

In honor of tax day, I thought I'd let the whole world know how awesome it is being married to an accountant:

5.   I can unguiltily direct any and all math homework questions to Glen because he's literally the expert.

4.  Who needs sleeping pills when over the years I've had  articles like this to help proofread before bed?

3.  It may take being up all night on April 14, but we've never paid for a computer program or a person to do our taxes.

2.  I've never once had to create my own spreadsheet.

1.  I, who relies solely on late-night giddiness to express my silly sense of humor, am a rock star comedian in our family.

♥ Love you, Glen! 

1 comment:

annalisa said...

Thanks for the good laugh this evening! I seriously liked the video!

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