Monday, April 1, 2013

Ellie's Special Day

After two lethargic days of fighting my jet-lagged body and trying to be productive, we wakened bright and early on Saturday morning to celebrate Ellie's baptism day!   In our church we believe that children are born innocent and do not need to be baptized until they reach the age of accountability.  Baptism is considered a very important step in our eternal progression and it seemed only appropriate that she officially take Christ's name upon her on  the same weekend we celebrate Christ's loving atonement for us.   

When Ellie was born, Glen and I commented that with their 10-year age difference that one day Ellie would be able to be baptized by her older brother Spencer.   A year ago we worried that it might not   be possible, but it was with great joy on Saturday that a very healthy Spencer was able to take Ellie down into the waters of baptism and perform the ceremony. 
Ellie was thrilled and it was hard not to weep a little at seeing our almost grown son looking so very much like a missionary. 
After the baptism, Glen and Emma sang a duet of, "Love is Spoken Here, "  AnnaLisa gave a talk on the Holy Ghost, Glen performed the confirmation, and all the primary kids sang, "I Am a Child of God."  There were several people who couldn't come because they were out of town, but it still ended up being a good size group of people and we were thrilled for them to share with us this special day. 

Afterward we headed to our traditional post-baptism trip to IHOP.  It was a crowd of about 25 people, but with a little advance notice the restaurant staff accommodated us quite well (and with almost no wait).   There was a lot of laughter, way too much syrup being consumed, and I daresay that the neighboring patrons were not sad when we left. 
After IHOP, we headed to our house for a some sit-around-the-house and gab time.  The girl cousins excitedly planned and performed  a  very silly "show" that consisted mostly of giggling,  while the young boy cousins alternated between Legos and throwing a ball around.   Spencer took a nap. 

Baby Jack just sat around looking cute and putting up with all the women who were fighting over who got to hold him next. 

After everyone left,  we drove to a Huntley Meadows wetland nature preserve in Alexandria for a peaceful family walk.  On the way home we passed the Krispy Kreme store....

and couldn't help but stop to celebrate a little more with some fresh hot doughnuts. 
We never did get around to dyeing Easter eggs, but I still consider it to be a a perfect day in every way.   We spent lots of time with family, ate a bunch of good food, enjoyed time out in nature, and got the chance to witness a very special moment for two of our kids.  

We truly have much to be grateful for this Easter time.



K said...

Congrats to Ellie on her baptism! Love seeing so much of our family there. Looks like a good day!

annalisa said...

Yes congratulations to Ellie! Thanks for letting me share in the special day. My nieces and nephews are awfully cute :)

shannon said...

So cool Spencer was able to baptise her!

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