Monday, October 14, 2013

Better Late Than Never

What happens when two forgetful parents  drop the ball on teaching their fourth child how to ride a bike?  Then the fifth child comes along and has a health condition that makes riding a bike a potentially dangerous activity? 

In our case, you get an eight- and an almost eleven-year-old who have never learned to ride a bike.

We never meant for them to go so long without learning, but when Ellie started having seizures when she was five, we just figured it was easier to not make biking a very important part of our lives rather than us holding her back from participating.  

All the bikes but Glen's have been put away for three years now.

Recently, though, they both started showing a lot of interest in learning and we figured it was time to put things right.  We brought them to the place where we'd taught the rest of the kids to ride their bikes--a gentle grassy slope at our local park--and let them give it a try.  

This is how they started out....

and there was a fair bit of falling at first (thankfully only on the grass)...

but it wasn't long before they were both zipping along the trails and having a great time! 

Adam is excited to practice a little more and start going on Saturday bike rides with Dad...

 and while we'll still need to be very cautious with Ellie and not let her ride near streets or busy trails, it was so fun to see her delight as she gained momentum!

The only problem with all this new biking fervor in the family....

is that I'm feeling like it might be time to get me a bike too
and I'm not sure our garage is ready for that! 

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