Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Super Educational Trip to the Farm

For an entire decade we had an annual tradition every autumn of visiting the local pumpkin patch playland.  We went every year without fail...even when I was nine months pregnant.   Since the kids have been in school,  though, we've just gradually stopped going and I was surprised to realize recently that it's been a couple of years since we've been.  So when a  friend recently invited us there for a little homeschool field trip, it didn't take us much convincing to tag along too.

The kids had to work hard to at least get their math done before we left and then still had a list of work to complete when we got home, but as a responsible homeschool teacher we still tried to make the trip as educational as possible  while we were there.

For instance, did you know that roosters are actually quite friendly and make for really cute photo-ops?

You've probably heard that goats will eat almost anything, but I bet you didn't know that they will eat little girls as well...

I wished I had been videoing this encounter, because Ellie's screaming and laughter made this absolutely hysterical to watch...  (For any worried readers, the goat did not actually consume any of Ellie's hair.  He was just chewing it and, to Ellie's chagrin, made it all slobbery.  I had to physically push him away from Ellie to get him to stop chewing) 

And I bet you also didn't know that goats can be quite cuddly?  And rope swings are fun no matter how old you are?  

And I bet you also never realized that sweaters make a great substitute for Kleenex when someone (Ellie) bumps their lip on the hayride and starts gushing blood?  

And that Tide is awesome laundry detergent and got the blood off of the white sweater easy as pie with no soaking or stain treatment?  

Did you also know that going through pictures and blogging for the first time in a few days can make a grumpy lady who's had a loooooong day forget her worries for a moment and crack a smile as she remembered the fun memories that they had made the day before?  


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Steve-Rosanna said...

Great report of a fun day.

Are you saying that blogging is therapeutic for tired busy moms?!?

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