Thursday, October 10, 2013


I grew up in a house where politics were discussed passionately and often. I knew exactly where my parents stood on the issues and looking back I think that their similar views on political issues was one of the contributing factors to their marriage longevity (41-years and counting).

As an adult, I like to be at least somewhat versed in what's going on in the political world, but being married to someone who distinctly dislikes talking politics--even though we tend to agree with each other--has made it more difficult for me to find someone to talk to about political things.   I am still drawn to study about it, but I generally keep pretty quiet about how I feel.

Except for now.

With all of the crazy partisanship and garbage going on with the government shut-down, I am up in arms.  My poor kids get daily rants at all that I think is wrong with the way the government is doing things and today I got so wrapped up in an issue that made me particularly upset that I decided to try my hand at political cartooning minus the cartoon.

It's not destined for the Washington Post or anything, but at least it made me feel a little better about this kind of garbage....
Photo Source:  Yahoo News

I've been to the Martin Luther King Memorial and the other DC memorials a gazillion times before and only rarely ever have seen any park employees in them.  The monuments are generally open night and day.  So why, with countless people going without paychecks, is the government PAYING  so many police officers to keep visitors away?

It makes no sense on any front, other than proving that my "cartoon" isn't too far from the truth.  

*NOTE:  I'm intentionally staying coy about my political leanings, so as not to stir any pots beyond where both parties are doing their best to keep them stirred. 


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