Sunday, October 6, 2013

General Conference of the Storm Troopers and Orcs

Ahhh, it's that time of year again.

 The first weekend of April and October each year,  church is canceled and we have the privilege of staying home and listening to modern day prophets and apostles testify of Christ and give us guidance for living in these days.  We call it General Conference and it is something that we look forward to all year long for the opportunity to step away from our busy Sunday responsibilities and spend the time together as a family to be fed spiritually for two days. 

 Despite the appearances in the picture above that my kids are attentively sitting and listening, it always proves to be a struggle to keep everyone engaged through the four two-hour-long sessions spread over Saturday and Sunday.  We are not a family that is used to sitting still for that long, so our efforts usually involve lots of food, spot quizzes, quiet toys, note taking in our General Conference journals, and a fair amount of nudging sleepy parents and teens. 

Yesterday Adam and Ellie decided to use the time to recreate a session of conference with Legos.  At first Adam was annoyed that he didn't have very many "normal looking" Lego people for his scene, but then he decided that Storm Troopers, Orcs, Legolas, and Gimli need General Conference every bit as much as we do.  

Here's Ellie's version with Gandalf, Luke Skywalker, a race car driver, a surfer, and some headless dude that clearly needs a gospel message as well.

Despite the grand efforts that it takes to keep everyone engaged though,   it is a lovely feeling to spend the time together and to be fed spiritually.  

And talks like the one in this link  or the  one embedded below....

are exactly what this tired old Orc needed right now...



Steve-Rosanna said...

With apologies to Elder Oaks for laughing out loud in the middle of his thought-provoking talk about chastity and social trends against it, this is brilliant and delightful post. Kudos to Adam and Ellie for their desires to share the gospel with the Storm Troopers and the Orcs.

Absolutely loved Elder Holland's talk on depression and mental illnesses. Probably long-overdue and much needed not only in the church, but throughout the earth.

And like the cute little BYU coed/fan totally empathize with her feelings about this BYU football season.

In some ways it is far easier in today's world to sit on a comfortable couch or on our bed this morning and watch and lister to the talks. Remember the old days when we would get dressed up and drive over to the Anoka chapel and sit on hard chairs for all four sessions and a fifth for the boys. Sometimes we would go to Ponderosa for lunch between sessions or over to Rocket Park in Anoka for a picnic.

Thanks for sharing the memories! Enjoy the rest of conference.

Karey said...

Lincoln loved Adam and Ellie's creations! I bet he wishes he watched conference with you guys! :)

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