Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's Autumn Time!

There's just something about the new found crispness in the air in the autumn that gives me an extra jolt of energy and contentment. The colors, the smells, the weather, and the tastes of autumn are just rife with nostalgia and that somehow my memories associated with the autumn seem more vivid and pleasant than other times of the year.

Perhaps it's the memory of my engagement day to my wonderful husband 14 autumns ago. Or maybe the excitement of a new school year and the potential that brings for a new beginning, even more so than at New Year's. Or the long walks in the beautiful fall leaves trying to encourage my overdue October babies to arrive. Maybe it's the new jolt into our drab summer menus with the excuse of cooler weather to start making soups and baked goods again. Or maybe it's the nostalgia of my high school cross country days in Minnesota--running for miles enjoying the short-lasting pleasant weather! Or the drives around the Alpine Loop while I was at BYU? Whatever it is...I love it!

One of our family's autumn traditions is an annual trip to Cox Farms--a farm made into a giant play land for children. Sadly Spencer may be outgrowing the excitement of it all.
Ellie, however, was having a hay-day (yeah I meant the pun)!

Notice my sixth child in this picture, our neighbor Megan. She comes with us on family outings, more often than not.

At the end of the day at Cox Farms, everyone gets to pick out a little mini pumpkin to take home as part of the admission fees. Problem is, is that they surround the mini pumpkins with all the large pumpkins which happen to cost $50. So if it's not hard enough dragging them away from the rope swing, hay ride, giant slides, baby piglets, and free apple cider...then I have to deny them the fun jack-o-lantern pumpkins too. Once we're back in the car again, then we remember what a fun day we had enjoying a gorgeous autumn day!


Aitch said...

Love the new page design!

I missed one of our other fall traditions this year--apple picking at Carter's Mountain with you guys :o(

K said...

I love the new template you are using! I will always wonder how you make them!

Fall is a great time, just wish it wasn't so cold and foggy today. (o:

al said...

i love the autumn time too! it's beautiful with the changing leaves and cooler weather! also your kids are so cute!

al said...

p.s. i like the new page design also.

Anonymous said...

I really like the new page design. I can't believe all your creativity!

I love autumn time too because it cools down enough so we can turn the air off and open the windows.


Ashby said...

I am such a fan of fall! And no one can beat the fall out here (although this little heat wave is really throwing a wrench into the whole enjoyment of crisp and cool air!). I love the pictures of you guys at Cox Farms! Pumpkins make such an adorable background!

And another fall favorite....fresh and hot apple pie! Even though it was Stacey's gift we all loved it! Ryan has already put in a request for one of those on his birthday....any chance you want to teach an apple pie making class?!

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