Thursday, October 18, 2007

Cougar Mystery Solved!

After combing through the evidence and the many tips we received, we've solved our license plate frame mystery. Thank you Aaron and Trish for your thoughtfulness...even though we know that it probably pained you to have any part in shouting out for our beloved Cougars!

It has been wonderful having you close by these last several months. You are awesome!


K said...

You guys are sneaky! Way to indirectly support the better school! (o:

Rosanna said...

Way to go Aaron and Trish. The rest of us erstwhile Cougar fans just wish we could take credit for it!

You guys are great!!

Trisha Snow said...

Who told? We really wanted to do that for Glen's birthday, and I didn't get the order in until after Glen's birthday. It was Aaron's idea to put it on and see how long it took for you to notice it!

And don't get us wrong, we don't have anything against the Cougars. We might even cheer for them occasionally, but never when they are playing CSU (go Rams... please just win one game, is that so much to ask?)!

Anyway, it's the least we could do for such a loving and giving family! WE LOVE THE GOOLDS!

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