Sunday, October 14, 2007

Making Priceless Memories....

Glen had a vision. A lofty vision that would require a great deal of planning. A plan to accompany his sons to their first Priesthood session of General Conference--live at the conference center in Salt Lake City. So, when Spencer turned twelve a few months ago, Glen started making the numerous arrangements to make his vision a reality.

Late Wednesday night of last week they took off for Utah.

First staying with my parents in Alpine, where they got the added pleasure of spending time with my Nana Crain who was visiting from Oklahoma.

Then as another added bonus to the trip, his cousin Stephanie (from our ward here in VA) was getting married that weekend in the Bountiful temple. So Glen was able to attend the wedding and other festivities, seeing long lost relatives he hadn't seen in many years. A very happy reunion indeed!

And in a major small world coincidence, Stephanie's husband Rob happens to be cousins with one of my favorite people in the world, Lara Greene. A former roommate of mine, and a person who influenced my life in a very meaningful way...not to mention the fun we had with our similar names (Lara Crain and Lara Greene)!

Then Glen got to hang out with his oldest brother Alex and his awesome family in American Fork. Alex's kids are almost all the same ages as ours, so the kids have a special cousin connection, even over the thousands of miles we live apart.

Not only did they golf and attempt to fish before the snow came, but Spencer also got in his wrestling time with cousin, Devin and siblings joining in! With Spence's only brother being 7 years younger than him, wrestling is a much more rare occurrence at our house, although it seems like whenever we visit with cousins and friends with similar aged boys, a wrestling match is sure to ensue.

Of course they also had to go take advantage of the beautiful autumn leaves and take a drive on the Alpine loop. There's nothing quite as breathtaking as the changing leaves combined with the backdrop of the beautiful Wasatch mountains.

And last, but not least, the reason for the trip in the first place...Priesthood session, where they randomly sit down in a seat in the 20,000+ available seats and end up sitting a row away from our stake president!

They truly had a wonderful experience that will never be forgotten for either one of them.

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Twinkies said...

Sounds like a great tradition!

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