Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy 30th Pete!

Happy Birthday to my brother Pete! And this is not just any old's the big 3-0 for him! Hope your full day at work and at classes was at least kind of fun!
Meanwhile for your entertainment I've decided to enclose a few interesting facts about my younger brother.

His nickname growing up was "Pepperoni Pizza Head" and is currently "PeePee".

He's known in our family as being our parent's favorite child.

His sense of humor is unsurpassed and he specializes in potty/gas humor.

Pete has a sock fetish. He used to beat Matt up for wearing his socks, and still organizes them meticulously.

He is very athletic and even played for the Olympic Development Team with Andrei Kirilenko (of the Utah Jazz) while living in Russia. (one of the reasons he was a parental favorite).

Pete served his mission to Siberia (did you know the church exiles certain missionaries?)

He claims to have not developed any communist tendencies on his mission, yet he still has an dog-eared, highlighted copy of the "Communist Manifesto" on his bookshelf. (hehe)

He just bought his first minivan!

He's been married to a wonderful woman, Mika, for 5 years now!

Pete specializes in girls. He has eighteen-month-old adorable twin daughters, with another little girl on the way soon!

Pete is an excellent Daddy, balancing his time between full-time work at a law office, and law school in the evenings. He still manages to play, laugh, and have a great time with his house full of girls!



K said...

Happy Birthday PP! Now half the kids in the family are over 30. How does that make you feel mom and dad?

Dad-Mom said...

Great summation Wawa!! Afraid that you have only touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg-as we could write a book about Pizza Boy!

No mention of the Swiss Miss or Ho-Ho capers, etc., etc.

Happy 30th Pete!!

Twinkies said...

I am blushing. Thanks Lara . . . I think. 30 is really really REALLY old! I just passed gas -- excuse me.

al said...

happy birthday pete!! october is the best month for a birthday:)

Dad-Mom said...

Yes, yes A.L. October has been good to our family. But, so has April...and May...and January...and July...and November and yes, even good old August!!


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