Monday, October 22, 2007

Where in the world?

My family (the one I grew up in) is obsessed with traveling. We grew up planning our road trips by which new states we could drive through. And although financially it was a stretch, we have been all over the world together as a family.

Indicative of our obsession, I even have a brother who has created a spreadsheet detailing all of the different countries each of us siblings have been to. Sadly this brought to my realization, that being the oldest has its disadvantages as I am definitely the least traveled of the Crains. However I have to acknowledge that I would never have the right to complain about this fact, because there is no doubt that I have been to many amazing places in my life!

So when I found these cool maps on a friend's blog, I knew that I had to give them a try.

Seventeen countries (all in Europe and North America).

Only one more state to go!!

They're super easy to make at this website.


K said...

I'm not obsessed with travelling anymore. It's way to hard to get Andrew back into his routine after a vacation! Maybe someday I'll get the travelling itch again.

Clarinda said...

Awesome! I'm going to make a map of where I've been and put it on my blog. Then, I'm going to make one of where Jeff and I have been together and put it on our family blog. Thanks!

Ashby said...

WOW! I am impressed at how many states you have been to! Now...start planning that trip to Alaska!

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