Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday AnnaLisa (updated)!

So by this time, you may be wondering whether everyone in my family was born in October, seeing as this is the 3rd birthday blog post of the week. Oddly enough if you add April into the mix, you've got well over half the Crain birthdays between the two months!

My sweet sister, AnnaLisa is turning 24 today! As you may remember we had the privilege of having her stay with us for this past summer. Unfortunately for her, that means that we have boatloads of pictures and interesting information about her! (We love you AnnaLisa!)

This is my favorite! I've been saving this video for two months waiting for just the right opportunity to post it! AnnaLisa fell in love with the song, "Grace Kelly" by Mika (but not our Mika) and seemed unable to restrain herself from dancing to it every time it came on. So of course being the good big sister that I am, I felt compelled to set her up so I could catch it on video! My conniving was not for naught, as she took the bait right on cue! Enjoy!

My kids adore their Aunt AnnaLisa and her enthusiastic energy. She always was full of great plans for activities we could do together...places to go and things to do!

AnnaLisa's smile and laugh are out of this world. She is a very cheerful soul who brings sunshine to everyone lucky enough to spend time with her.

AnnaLisa knows how to have fun and isn't afraid to get dirty in process of having a good time!

AnnaLisa likes to take cute!

AnnaLisa served a mission in the Ukraine-Donetsk mission--the fourth Russian speaking missionary from our family!

AnnaLisa is a fantastic cook and we often benefitted from her superior culinary skills!

AnnaLisa collects nativity sets from around the world.

While at a semester abroad at the Jerusalem Center, AnnaLisa discovered that she has a thing for large men! (now it should make more sense!)

Happy Birthday AL...we love you and miss you!


Dad-Mom said...

What a cute video of A.L. dancing! Yes, Wawa you are one devious big sister-setting her up to catch her on camera like that.

Like you we miss having A.L. around since she brings so much energy and music into the house.

She loves to play the church hymns really loud on the piano and it literally fills the house with sweet music and the spirit.

Hope you had a great birthday AnnaLisa!! We miss you and can't wait to see you and Tim at Christmas.

Love, Dad-Mom

al said...

i remember when you did this but i'm a little confused as to why you were vidoetaping when i wasn't even in the room yet. you're hilarious!

K said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AL! We love you and miss you! Thanks for your entertaining dance!

Trisha Snow said...

Awesome! Aaron and I will watch this video over and over! I can't wait for the kids to wake up so I can show it to them too! We love AnnaLisa, happy birthday!

Twinkies said...

Happy B-Day little sis! It appears that you and McKenzie have a lot in common.

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