Friday, November 15, 2013

Name that City

On our vacation this past summer, we made one more stop that I have yet to blog about.  I took so many pictures there and was so enchanted by this city, that it's seemed rather overwhelming trying to do it justice in a blogpost.  I'm sure that there will end up being at least a few different posts about it eventually, but today I am taking that first step of introducing all of you dear blog readers, to what I think is the absolute most charming and exotic city in all of North America.

Can you figure out where we were based on these pictures and clues? 
It was my dad who recommended that we visit this city on the way home from Prince Edward Island.  It's not really on the way home from PEI, but based on his descriptions of it and the stunning scenery we'd pass to get there, we added an extra day to our trip to visit.  

My dad had served a church mission here back in the early 1970's and although I had been here before many years ago, I had never had a chance to get out and explore the city and therefore didn't remember anything about it.  We were in the city for all of an hour before we decided that we needed to cut off the last stop of our trip and extend our stay here by an extra day.  

We did not regret that decision one bit.

The architecture here in was breathtaking.  We had to continually remind ourselves that we were still in North America and not magically transplanted across the Atlantic to some quaint European town. 

Morning, noon, and night...the streets were crawling with people....

with a disproportionate number of them decked out in elaborate costumes.  

My kids (Adam and Spencer in particular) were fascinated with the large numbers of uber fancy sports cars that dotted the city.   Lamborghinis, Lotuses, Ferraris, and some too fancy to even recognize were everywhere in the city.  

More amazing architecture. 

I was in love with all the old churches...

and palaces...

and homes!  I don't think there was a boring building to be seen.  

We also really enjoyed the street performers that performed every evening.  Apparently they have to try out before the city will allow them to perform, so each of them was pretty dang amazing in their own rights!

First person outside my family to correctly name this city will win a super awesome prize that will probably have to do with an apple pie if you live close and something yet to be determined if you live far away. 


cynthia said...

is it boston?

Valerie H. said...

Is it Quebec City?

alexandra said...


alexandra said...

Okay, if that's not right, then it's got to be Montreal. I'll just keep adding major Canadian cities until I get it right.

shannon said...

Quebec City!

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