Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Costume Awards 2013

Alright,'s the moment you've all been waiting for all year!

Or perhaps it's just the moment you've been waiting for the approximately 6.2 seconds  since you started reading this post.     In any case, brace yourselves because now is the time when I reveal the annual 2013 winners of the Halloween costume awards and let me tell you that this year's awards are the most anti-climatic yet!!!!!!   <-----  (I put lots of exclamation points there on purpose and yes, I do know the meaning of "anti-climatic".)

Ellie's costume wins the best judge of where people fall on the classic books and movies appreciation scale.  Probably about 50% of the best well read people could easily identify her as Anne of Green Gables, but the remaining crowd had no clue and guessed things like Little Bo Peep, Robin Hood, and Darth Vader.

And for the first time ever, Adam and Emma both win the same prize....the costumes most likely to be borrowed for future school projects!   You'll be glad to know that these young patriots had the best interests of the American people at heart during this Halloween season (unlike most other politicians) and not once did they start any political debates or raise taxes during their brief tenures as rulers of the free world.    I will refrain from commenting on how hard they didn't have to work for their free candy doles, but since they immediately came home and paid their "mommy candy tax," I am recording for future historians to note that their contribution to society this month has been properly fulfilled.

Cami's costume  takes the most likely to be worn as pajamas award.  Even still, she only managed to wear this year's costume (her friend's nurse scrubs) for approximately 39.2 minutes for the Halloween stake dance last week and another 2.7 minutes to score a $3 burrito from Chipotle.  In the meantime, she has decided that being a nurse someday will be worth it for the elastic waistbanded uniform alone.   

Glen wins the award for avoiding the camera the best.  I wore my hippy costume twice during the past week and posed willingly  for about 3 pictures (two of which will never be shown publicly), but Glen had the gall to work 16+ hour days three times during the week and never even laid eyes on his costume, yet alone got in it to pose for a picture!   

Spence is a freshman at college  and while he is far away his costume still managed to win the disappointed mother award.  He bragged about how he actually dressed up as a nerd, went trick-or-treating in the dorms, and ended up scoring a whole bag of candy in the process, but somehow he completely forgot to send me pictures of him in his Halloween costume .   Can you believe he let down his own mother like that?  Next year I think I'll take the kids trick-or-treating  in Harrisonburg so I can take the pictures myself.  I'm sure he won't mind at all! 

So now that I've got this year's costumes recorded for future posterity, let me close this post by saying...

that we hope you had a very...
Happy, Patriotic, Literary, Groovy, Comfortable, and Picturesque Halloween!  


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