Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costume Awards 2011

Ladies and gentlemen.  Gather round your computers. 

It's the blogpost you've all been waiting for.....

 Halloween 2011

Fearsome Pirate:  All book reports beware!  Groovy Girl Who Still Thinks Matching Mommy is Cool 

Uh, I can't find anything else footie pajama girl       Beautiful Gypsy Birthday Girl

Thinks he's way too cool for costumes young man     The matching "Hippsies" (in Ellie's own words)       

Glen getting groovy while guzzling a gallon of green gingerale and going gaga with green gum.  Go Glen! 

Happy Halloween from our house to yours!!!!


Deanne said...

You all look great! Happy Halloween!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Prize for the most realistic to Spence for his portrayal of a cool HS LaCrosse player.

And by far the most believable goes to Glen for his dynamic portrayal of a real live Hippsie! With the hair and those glasses, he would blend right into Haight Ashbury in the late sixties! ;o)

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