Thursday, October 6, 2011

Who Am I?

Tonight was our first Relief Society Enrichment night of the new school year and with the number of new move-ins we've had over the last couple of months, we ended up doing a little get-to-know you activity.  Each person was to bring an item that described themselves and then take 30-60 seconds to share a few tidbits about themselves.  I always love hearing about other people, but struggle knowing what to share about myself that's actually somewhat interesting.  For the most part, with my crazy life, five kids, graying hairs, and a few pounds to lose, I feel like I'm a boringly average Mormon mom. 

At the encouragement of my friend (Sue), I brought my camera as my prop and talked briefly about my love of taking pictures and then sharing them and my stories on my blogs.  But with all that self-reflection going on there, it got me to thinking...

Who am I...really? 

Things I am:
a child of God
an oldest sibling to seven
a mom to five
a wife of almost 18-years to Glen
an avid reader
a recipe experimenter and collector
a very slow runner
a blogger
a wannabe photographer
a spelling snob
an I'll do it myself kind of person
an up and coming scripture studier
a list maker
a do three-things-at-once kind of person

Things I am not:
a good shopper
a gourmet cook
a home decorator
a neat freak
a rock star or a musician of any sort
a shoe hoarder
a good delegator
an on-your-feet thinker
a seamstress
a fashionista
a party planner

So, perhaps that doesn't really change your perception of how exciting my life is,  but now at least I've got it all of it written down in one place (you know, so my posterity knows how boringly normal I am).  Now, what about you?  What one item would you pick to describe yourself?    What item would you have picked for me? 

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Dad-Mom said...

Your thoughts express a fairly universal perception about ones self that was very eloquently expounded on by President Utchdorf last week. He spoke about feeling lonely and insignificant during his pilot training in Big Springs Texas (you've been there) and warned that Satan seeks to deceive the children of God by discouraging them and endeavoring to make them believe they have no worth and are forgotten by all, including God.

"At the time, Big Spring, despite its name, was a small insignificant, and unknown place. And I often felt exactly the same way about myself — insignificant, unknown, and quite alone."

Yes, we may all feel pretty average and wonder about our worth, but rest assured dear daughter that you are one amazing person and important to many-very many whose lives you touch in one way or another. There are people who look up to you-that you may not even know or be aware of.

There is not just one single word that describes you, but here are a bunch of variations: "Righteous" and "Type-A" and "Wundermom" and "Doer" and "Competitive" and you get the drift.

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