Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Hard Quiz -- Autumn 2011 Version

Which one of the following statements is NOT true? 

a.  Cami's male orchestra conductor shrieked like a girl during one of the performances tonight. 
b.  When I brought rolls to a function recently,  mine were so ugly that they held them back for last, hoping not to have to serve them.
c.  One of my children requested to be homeschooled today, then changed his mind when he found out I'd likely assign him lots of book reports.
d.  Had two kids in meltdown mode at the same time today.
e.  Glen is dressing up as  Vincent Van Gogh and I will be Vincent Van Gogh's ear for Halloween.
f.  I laughed out loud when I received a direct (and humorous) answer to a prayer while reading the scriptures.
g.   I turn into a mean, ornery she-bear if Glen wakes me up at 5:00am and springs on me that I need to take the kids to seminary that morning.
h.  Cooked steak for dinner for the first time in months and yet one of my kids still had the gall to complain about it.
i.  Glen is currently playing with a Lego skeleton man and reading over my shoulder.

$37, 789, 378, 184, 430, 211 to the person(s) who correctly guesses the answer.  Please feel free to request clarification and/or an entire blogpost dedicated to any of the above topics.



Denise said...

I am guessing that all these things are true.

Except for c. I am guessing you had MORE than two kids in meltdown mode. :)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Almost has to be b. since there is no such thing as an ugly home-made dinner roll. At least not on your watch...

Karey said...

I'm going to guess Van Gogh and the ear. I'm just not sure how that would work.

I could really use $37, 789, 378, 184, 430, 211, so I really hope I win!

Twinkies said...

I'm going with G. I've never seen you come even close to being a mean, ornery she-bear.

Deanne said...

I'm guessing E - the Halloween costumes. But if it's actually true you MUST post a picture of it!

K said...

I'm guessing H. I know you don't like steak much. (o: I would've picked E, but I don't like to split my winnings with others.

gg said...

It must be "i" since I would never read over my wife's shoulder while she is blogging - fear of the "she bear" thing...

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