Thursday, October 13, 2011

Picture of the Week

After a couple of honeymoon weeks of feeling wild and fancy free while the kids are at school all day, life has taken a turn for the busy again.  This week brought me back to regularly helping in the school again, a funeral for a wonderful lady, 22 miles of training for my half-marathon in November, getting sick, and trying to keep a couple of projects moving (barely).  Emma just fully planned and made invitations for her upcoming birthday party, Glen's brother is coming into town next week, and somehow it seems like the house is getting messier by the second. 

In amongst the craziness though, I came across this picture...
and it made me smile. 

Although, there's always been a fair amount of brotherly teasing and dramatic sisterly screaming in their relationship, Spencer and Cami have been best buds since they were toddlers.  Now that they're both in high school together, it's been fun to see their relationship strengthen even more as they co-conspire on what crazy attire to wear for spirit days (post coming soon), talk about which school lunch item is less gross than the others (spicy chicken sandwich), and compare notes as to who has more homework than the other.  (definitely Cami) 

Between the new high school connection, their mutual interest in watching episodes of Psych, Cami's interest in making food, and Spencer's interest in eating food...their friendship is a fun thing to watch. 

At least until someone forgets to log out of Facebook....



Aitch said...

Love that picture! Sibling friendships are such a blessing.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Two sweet kids! My favorite is the recent "pretty in pink" picture posted on Facebook. Thanks for posting.

Heather is right about sibling friendships being such a blessing.

Andrea said...

That's sweet. It gives me a preview of what Allen and Abby's relationship might be in high school.

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