Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Hard Quiz Answers

a.  Cami's male orchestra conductor shrieked like a girl during one of the performances tonight. 
Yep, really happened.  I searched and searched for a video that someone might have posted of it online, but couldn't find anything other than this one--same song, different group performing.  Their school's version had the random screams through it like this video, then at the end the orchestra conductor turned toward the audience and shrieked.  It was great comedic effect. 

b.  When I brought rolls to a function recently,  mine were so ugly that they held them back for last, hoping not to have to serve them.
Yep.  For as long as I've been cooking and blogging, most of my food is still ugly and average tasting.  Someday I hope to be as cool as my sisters-in-law (Karey and Mika) who I am confident could transform a pile of pickled liver into a beautiful feast worthy of being on the cover of Better Homes and Garden,  but in the meantime I'll be that friendYou know the one who you think should be really good at cooking (or whatever), but in reality is barely holding her brain (and kitchen) together with a little melted chocolate. 

c.  One of my children requested to be homeschooled today, then changed his mind when he found out I'd likely assign him lots of book reports.Yep.  The homework battles have subsided slightly over the last few weeks, but the monthly book reports may very well do us both in. 

d.  Had two kids in meltdown mode at the same time today.Yep.  One meltdown was book report related (see above) and the other seems to be medication related. 

e.  Glen is dressing up as  Vincent Van Gogh and I will be Vincent Van Gogh's ear for Halloween.Nope.  Most of you probably already saw our costumes on Facebook, but stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring our family's Halloween 2011! 

f.  I laughed out loud when I received a direct (and humorous) answer to a prayer while reading the scriptures.Yep and it still cracks me up when I think about it. 

g.   I turn into a mean, ornery she-bear if Glen wakes me up at 5:00am and springs on me that I need to take the kids to seminary that morning.True.  I'm totally fine to drive them to seminary if I have a little notice (it's only waking up about 1/2 hour before I normally do anyway), but when sprung on me at 5:00 after just having done it the previous day as, can we just say that you probably wouldn't have wanted to cross my path that day?  We'll leave it at that. 

h.  Cooked steak for dinner for the first time in months and yet one of my kids still had the gall to complain about it.Steak, pepper, and onion pizza.  Everyone else loved it, but one particular picky-but-shall-remain-unnamed-teenage-boy-eater complained that it was still too many veggies for his taste.  See if I cook to please him again. 
i.  Glen is currently playing with a Lego skeleton man and reading over my shoulder.Despite his claims to the contrary, Glen very much was fiddling with a Lego skeleton man and reading (and commenting) over my shoulder while I wrote that post.  Can you guess which statement he suggested I add? 

$37, 789, 378, 184, 430, 213 to the person(s) who correctly guesses the answer.  Please feel free to request clarification and/or an entire blogpost dedicated to any of the above topics.

Congrats to Karey and Deanne who get to split the winnings out of the first
$37,789,378,184,430,213 I earn. 



annalisa said...

I really love that song! A song where there are screams written into it has to be the coolest song ever :)

I want to hear more about the answer to a prayer, but you can just tell me on the phone if you would like...

Morning times are not the best times for me...I tend to avoid talking to people until later in the morning (if I can help it).

Deanne said...

I think your steak pizza looks great! If you're ever feeling under-appreciated as a cook again, just have me over. I'd be happy to compliment the chef (and eat some of your wonderful meals =)!

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