Sunday, October 23, 2011

Slow and Steady

This probably sounds turtle-like to most of you, but I am positively giddy at the fact that I ran 11 miles on Saturday at a 10:06 minute per mile pace.  And if that weren't exciting enough, I have to point out that  I was just getting over a nasty cold, which had completely thrown off my training during the previous week.  Of course, the absolutely perfect running weather (chilly temps, light wind, no rain) and hot running partner probably had a lot to do with being in my groove that day, but since I haven't run that fast,  for that long of distance, in years and years, I am recording it here for posterity.

Don't worry though....I won't let it go to my head.
Especially seeing as how it is apparent to see from this picture, that we could use some of Ellie's fashion advice far more than any of you dear readers do. 



Steve-Rosanna said...

For preliminary training, a ten-minute per mile pace is excellent. Bet both you and Glen run a sub five-hour marathon.

Lara said...

Just for the record, Glen and I are running a HALF marathon not a full marathon. With the amount of complaining I do about our half-marathon training, I'm sure that Glen is resolved that he'd never drag me into a full marathon.

Charlene said...

You ROCK!! I actually talked to Morgan once about her running training and she told me she does a run/walk for her half-marathon. I actually tried that this year for the 10k race I was suppose to run in and I actually was able to run faster and lower my time per mile! I can't tell you why, but it worked in case you plan to run a full marathon some day!! :)

Deanne said...

I think that's great! I can barely do a 5k at that pace, so you are no where near turtle-like compared to me. =) Good luck on your half. When is it?

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