Thursday, May 8, 2014

Four Generations

It's getting to be THAT time of year again.  The time when our normally busy, but somewhat manageable schedule goes LOCO!  We've been doing end of year testing (required by Virginia law even for homeschool!), having planning meetings for next year, planning girls' camp crafts again, collecting youth conference registration forms, picking up Spencer from JMU, preparing for giving a talk in sacrament meeting this Sunday, going to a memorial service for a beloved former teacher of Adam's, and eating up the couple of days that my parents were in town.

All this extra stuff going on in addition to my normal running kids all over creation for 2+ hours a day  means that my own home has become a mere stopping place in the endless merry-go-round that my life has become.    I've spent no more than a couple of waking hours home each day of the last two weeks.

Tomorrow has the potential to be the first normal day in a while (except for the 4:00am drive to the school to drop Emma off on her field trip, the mommy-daughter activity day activity with Ellie in the evening,  and the extra chauffeuring duties I have in the afternoon), but all in all I am very much looking forward to some good old fashioned bonding time with washing machine least for a few hours!

So I sit here tonight, eyes drooping with sleepiness, and the responsible side of me thinks I should be trying to dig out of the pile that my house has become or work on my talk or something, but instead I forgo sleep and sensibility and am writing this blog post instead.    I was worried that I would forget and let these precious pictures get buried into my computer files.  After all, it's only a few times a year that we see my parents and even less often that we see my last living grandparent, Nana Crain!  Four generations together is definitely worth staying up to commemorate!

 I had to share their visit with my two brothers and their families, so all in all we spent less than 24-hours together.   Luckily the weather was lovely,  and we took our lunch from Plaka (a greek restaurant) and headed to the park.

Ellie so loved seeing her grandparents and great-grandma again and I do have to say that I think she bonded with all three of them while they were here.  

Luckily my sister, AnnaLisa, lives close to me, so she  got to share in our time with them.

Adam's a little shyer about jumping into pictures, but I love how this one of Nana and them turned out!

My dad recently had knee replacement surgery and was hobbling around a bit while he was here, but that didn't stop him from being Silly Grandpa still!

I can't believe how tall Adam looks next to my mom in this picture!

Right after lunch they drove to Maryland to spend a day with my brother Matt and his family.  We loved having them visit and hope that they will be able to come again soon! 

At first I thought that we wore Ellie out with fun.  Turns out though, her fever (after the poor reaction to her medication) had returned.  The poor girl has now been spiking low fevers almost every day for about three weeks now.  Most of the time she acts pretty normal, but collapses once it hits 100º every few days (like in this picture).
Safe to say, she will never be trying that medication again!


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Nana said...

Lara, I love your blogs. It is good to see pictures and read your comments about our visit there earlier this month. It was great to see you, Glenn and your beautiful children and to spend time with your siblings and their dear children, also.
Happy memories for me, the oldest living member of the Wingate-Crain family. Glad that your Dad, Steve put a tad of pressure on me to fly to Virginia with them! Love to all of you, Nana Crain

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