Saturday, May 24, 2014


It's a rare occasion for me to leave town without my camera in tow.    And an even rarer feat to leave without my family.

This week I've done both.  
Late Tuesday night my sister-in-law Karey, Emma, and I set off for a grand adventure to Virginia Beach for a homeschool conference.    

Together we've spent the last few days at a stately old hotel and conference center situated  right in the heart of VA Beach city and directly on sands of the Atlantic Ocean.  The hotel is far from fancy, but the location is beautiful and it's hard not to love the opportunity to dip our toes into the ocean in between classes and speakers.  

 When I signed up to come to this conference, I expected to be taught all sorts of practical advice on how to teach multiple children and how to make our homeschool better.  I did get a lot of that, but even better, I also got to have the complete privilege of learning at the feet of other mothers and fathers who have felt similar tuggings in their hearts to bring their children home.  

I eagerly listened as they told  of how they incorporated gospel teachings into their children's educations and allowed their children to blossom and to grow at their own paces.  I was comforted to hear how many of their children  have gone on to be successful students at universities all over the country.   And the best part of all, I got to see the fruits of their labors.  Hundreds of LDS homeschool youth from 32 states and provinces, including Emma, came to the youth conference portion of the event.  These youth were invariably smart, well-mannered, socially confident, and kind.   They inspired me as much as their parents and were a testimony to all that homeschooling is about.   

More to come....



Chelsey said...

My good friend Brie was there!

Reynolds Rundown said...

Thanks for this post Lara! I am excited about homeschooling next year, but once in awhile feel a little panic in my chest, "What am I a doing? Will I be able to do it all? Will they get into college? Will they miss school/friends?" This helped calm the panic. I know it will be great! Next year, I hope to go to the conference.

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