Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Which is which?

I was going through one of our family scrapbooks the other day and came upon this gem with all three of our girls wearing the same outfit around the same age.   Can you tell which baby is which?  (see below for a hint)  


And this one won't be near as hard, but here are the boys wearing the same elephant sweater handmade by my Grandma Hepworth.  Can you who is who?

(HINTS:  Cami is the chunkster with the rosy cheeks.  Ellie is the tan one, although that's not really tan, it's her natural skin tone.  Emma is the one wearing a collared shirt.

It should be abundantly obvious for the boys, but if you still need a clue here's one.... neither of their hair color has changed much.) 

How'd you do?  

1 comment:

Mom said...

I could not tell who was who of Cami. Emma and Ellie. Adam and Spencer were easy peasey . Think I might have the girls outfit or one similar.

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