Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Research

As part of the Alex's Lemonade Stand Leadership Conference that Cami is participating in this week, they are hosting a virtual lemonade stand to raise money for childhood cancer research.  


Anyone who knows our family well at all, knows that this is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts and I invite you to take a moment and donate to the cause if you can.   Even a small amount makes a difference!

Because cancer is much more common in adults than children, only about 4% of cancer research money  is earmarked for helping children with cancer.  But it's because of childhood cancer research that there are  types of childhood cancer that are highly curable.  Spencer's form of leukemia (AML), however,  was very aggressive and even 10-years ago his chances for survival would have been much lower than they already were.    Even now, well less than 50% achieve long term survival.    Together we can make a difference and improve those odds even more!

Make a donation at:  http://www.alexslemonade.org/mypage/1117142 


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