Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Lie

Since I know you've all been waiting on pins and needles to find out which was the lie in my last blogpost, I've decided to keep my sleepy eyes open just long enough to write this blogpost.   "Book Thief" is on while I write and Glen is already starting to snooze.  We bring Cami to the airport at 4:00am tomorrow, where she will fly to California to stay with my sister for the new few weeks.  She is very excited about going, but I am already sad about not having her around much this summer!  

Here are the answers....

1. Spencer has chiggers.
True.  He's been working full-time as a laborer at an apartment complex this summer and spends his days doing all sorts of odd jobs, mostly all outdoors.  While clearing a field the other day,  apparently he came into contact with chiggers.  Both of his legs around his sock line are bright red and very itchy.    It reminded me of the chigger outbreak we had at girls' camp one year when I was a youth.  I didn't get any bites, but I remember vividly half the camp painting their legs with nail polish in an effort to relieve the itching.  

2. Ellie got stung by a bee over 10 days ago and still has a large bruise from it.
True.  Apparently she is moderately allergic to bee stings.   She stepped on a bee one day while running in the yard barefoot and experienced 2-3 days of pretty significant swelling, then a large bruise that's lasted nearly two weeks.

3. It's almost 11:00pm and Cami is in the kitchen roasting entire bulbs of garlic.
True.  She randomly got the urge to make homemade bagels and garlic butter the other night.  She stayed up until who knows when to make them, but they were worth every second of her efforts.  They were amazing.

4. Emma got third place in the freestyle at tonight's swim meet.
True.  She's been swimming back and fly in the "A" meets this season and has placed in both of those as well.  She missed swimming the freestyle though and tried it out at this week's B meet.  

5. I have had the need to issue a lot of apologies lately.
Unfortunately, true.  I'm not intentionally acting like a heel, but apparently I am.  I have had to issue more apologies in the last week than I normally do in an entire year.   I apologize now if I've offended you too.  I'm sorry.  

6. Adam is the child having the hardest time adjusting to the new summer schedule.
True, true, true.   He's normally so even keeled, but I think this whole new summer schedule (or lack thereof) is taking a toll on him.  He is grumpy as can be!  

7. Emma spent all day Saturday at the beach with the Beehives from church.
True.  My second counselor in YW is awesome and took 8 of the 13 Beehives to Virginia Beach on Saturday in a ward member's 15-passenger van.  She came back a little red, but oh so happy to have spent the day with friends!   

8. Glen and I are not eating sugar during the week.
True....mostly.  I'm not quite perfect at it yet, but I'm trying and we've definitely made significant improvements at healthier eating.   I'm also working really hard to get at least 1/2 hour of exercise per day.  

9. I ran out on Sunday morning before our 9:00am church to get the right kind of leaves for our caterpillars who had eaten all  the other leaves overnight.
True.  Don't even ask how I, who hales from an extremely animal averse family, has allowed myself to become so sucked into having a mini farm at our house.  With chicks in the bathtub, a dog, a praying mantis egg case waiting to hatch, and 6 very hungry luna caterpillars who only eat one kind of leaf...I definitely may qualify as a little loco.  
10. I am working on a huge project right now and my house is thrashed.
False.  But it was a trick question!  I am not working on one huge project, I am working on MANY! With YW camp around the corner, homeschool looming in the fall, trying to finally finish decorating (and buy furniture) for our living room, and one more YW project I'm working's like my life is one series of fires after another that need to be put out.   Oh, and my house is nearly always thrashed, so that part is true.  

11. My boys recently got airsoft guns and all of my kids are enjoying the new hobby.
True.  A couple of Adam's friends like to play with airsoft guns, so he decided he wanted to buy one for himself.  Glen also picked out ones for him and Spencer to use, but now I'm wondering if we shouldn't have gotten a couple more too, since Ellie and Emma are suddenly interested in doing it too!  It's actually quite hilarious to see Ellie all decked out in her fancy skirt and sparkly shoes racing around the yard with her mask and gun. 

12.  I just sent in my official notice that I'm homeschooling Emma, Adam, and Ellie next school year!
True.  As crazy as I feel committing myself to such a big thing for another year, I absolutely know it's the right thing for us!
13.  Cami and I just did a newborn baby photo shoot for a friend.
True.  I was a bit disappointed with how the photos turned out, but baby Cora was so sweet and adorable, it was an absolutely delightful hour we spent taking those photos!

14.  The baby chicks are growing fast and are just as well-loved as they were the day we got them!
True!  These little chicks are about as doted-on as an animal can be. They are constantly being cuddled and of late can even be occasionally  found as residents in Ellie's dollhouse! 

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