Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Missing Her

Ever since Cami hopped on an airplane last week to spend time with the more domestic side of the Crain family (see picture below), our house has been quiet and lonely.

Now instead of listening to shrieks of delight that she passed all three of her AP exams with flying colors (AP calculus--5,  AP lang--4, AP world geo--5), I get to listen to Mr. T saying, "I pity da fool..." while Glen wallows in cupcakeless misery and tries to relive his childhood by watching A-Team episodes...

And poor Ellie is so lonely without Cami around that she got a fever.  It's about the fourteenth one she's had in the last couple of months (no exaggeration), but she got yet another blood test today, so at least we know it's not serious.

We miss you Cami!   Have fun in California!


R said...

Poor little Ellie. Sure hope she feels better soon. Cami appears to be having fun.

Where in the world did Glen find A-Team reruns to watch?

Auto correct ugh! Kept changing Cami to Camilla and reruns to refunds.

Jennifer McArthur said...

I just have to say "Way to go, Cami!" on the AP tests. Awesome!

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