Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cami's Trek to Villanova

Early Sunday morning we picked up Cami from the airport after taking the redeye from California.   
We had her home for about 36 glorious hours, before we jumped in the car for a trek to Philadelphia.  
A few miles outside of Philly is the  beautiful campus at Villanova University where we said our goodbyes to Cami and sent her off for yet another adventure!  
This adventure entails a Leadership Academy sponsored by Alex's Lemonade Stand, one of the biggest supporters of childhood cancer research.   I think she was a little sad to be leaving home again so soon, especially still being so jet-lagged, but she definitely was excited about the opportunity to be there! 

After dropping her off we walked around the campus for a while longer, 

then we drove to nearby Valley Forge where we explored for a couple of hours.  We're studying American History for social studies this year, so it was fun to get a little head-start on learning about the amazing people and events that made our country what it is today!  

After that, we headed for a family Philadelphia tradition....dinner at Ruby's Diner!  

The kids got hamburgers and hot dogs...
 while I was good and ate a salad.  

 Now I am in process of planning round #2 of  Philadelphia adventures for when we pick her up from her conference later this week!  



Charlene said...

I never did make it to Philadelphia!!!It looks pretty cool to visit! Maybe next year when we visit DC again!! Hope to see you while we are there next summer!!!

annalisa said...

I need to get myself to Philadelphia someday!

Can't wait to see your pictures from picking up Cami. :)

I like that picture of Ellie walking on the wall. The lighting and shot are way cool.

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