Monday, June 30, 2014

Truths and a Lie

One of the following statements is a lie.  The rest are 100% true.  Can you guess which is the false statement?  

1. Spencer has chiggers.
2. Ellie got stung by a bee over 10 days ago and still has a large bruise from it.
3. It's almost 11:00pm and Cami is in the kitchen roasting entire bulbs of garlic.
4. Emma got third place in the freestyle at tonight's swim meet.
5. I have had the need to issue a lot of apologies lately.
6. Adam is the child having the hardest time adjusting to the new summer schedule.
7. Emma spent all day Saturday at the beach with the Beehives from church.
8. Glen and I are not eating sugar during the week.
9. I ran out on Sunday morning before our 9:00am church to get the right kind of leaves for our caterpillars who had eaten all  the other leaves overnight.
10. I am working on a huge project right now and my house is thrashed.
11. My boys recently got airsoft guns and all of my kids are enjoying the new hobby.
12.  I just sent in my official notice that I'm homeschooling Emma, Adam, and Ellie next school year!
13.  Cami and I just did a newborn baby photo shoot for a friend
14.  The baby chicks are growing fast and are just as well-loved as they were the day we got them!



alexandra said...

Those are a bunch of tough options so I'll just leave a comment for each option so I'm sure to win. It must be the first one - Spencer has chiggers. He's never outside so that has to be it. Yeah.

alexandra said...

Okay. Just kidding about the 14 comments. I'm going to guess that it's #3. Cami was probably in the kitchen, but I'd guess she was working on cupcakes.

R said...

You have not had to issue a lot of apologies lately so saying you have is untrue.

Dad said...

Adam having a hard time adjusting is not true.

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